Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rep Yo City!

So I got an email from Sara today - well I sent her an email and a I got a response - anyway, she asked something to the effect of: "Is there anything going on in your life that you aren't blogging about?" It made me a little sad that people could consider the sum total of my life happenings to be contained in the blogosphere. It made me think that I should begin to take my blog more seriously and put some effort into genuine consideration of my life. Basically it made me think, maybe I should stop posting videos of Kweli and the SAS crew blazing and talking about reality tv and stop posting about ODB. Then, in my moment of contemplation (it wasn't actually this moment, but go with me here) I read Dougherty's blog post about the University of Florida moving up three spots in the national MBA school rankings. Uh, yawn. Dougherty, buddy, I know this thing is linked off of your resume, but come on, spice it up a little. I am going to stick with ODB.
Speaking of hip-hop, I have been abusing my ear drums the last few months with any songs I can find from Sean Price. I was a pretty big Heltah Skeltah fan back in the day but Sean P.'s new albums are basically insane. Get that mess.
OK, going to round out the Dilla interviews with the last few here.

The fifth one (first one above) is actually not posted by Stonesthrow directly on Youtube, but somebody else threw it up there. Not sure why. I will avoid speculation. The last video is pretty entertaining but features drug use - not for the kiddos.
Pulling into my stop so I am going to wrap up.


Matt Dougherty said...

You talk a lot tougher on this blog than you do in real life. I just want everyone to know that.

Matthew Lewis said...

Ha! While I do think your blog could use some spice you will notice I am systematically name dropping to figure out who exactly is reading my blog. Now that I know you are one of the readers I can emphasize Home Owners Association news....