Monday, February 25, 2008

"They Be Goin' Hard in the Boat."

So I was going to post about how my coworkers are following me into the blogosphere, but decided that I needed to be in a different mood to post on that particular topic. I ran through a project today that I was not looking forward to and thought it turned out fairly well. I ended up spending the vast majority of my day on it which I didn't want to, but it turned out alright. Jesus, my blog is starting to sound like Sara's. OK, no more about work.
Things are going fairly well in the bay area. The weekend was fairly rainy but I was kind of ready for a weekend of hibernation so that worked out pretty well. The wifey and I watched The Queen and The Host, both were kind of so-so in my opinion. The Queen was kind of pumped up in my mind based on the comments I have heard from basically everyone. I thought the queen character was pretty awesome but didn't understand why no one liked her - just kidding. The Host was cool, kind of, it was kind of just ridiculous. For a Korean monster movie it was surprisingly mainstream. The hero's dyed blond hair and sagging sweatpants were pretty rad though. I went through my music collection and consolidated my external hard drives this weekend which was a big step. I need to swing by the music store and pick up the new (new being relative as I have been in China) SAS album. Speaking of the Strong Arm boys check out this youtube video of them talking with Talib Kweli about their favorite tv shows. Basically, its awesome and shows me that even rappers are watching Discovery channel. No dad, not Myth Busters....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They're Huge and They're Sting Crazy - Your Firearms are Useless Against Them

Its rainy in SF right now and I am on the shuttle. Not really looking forward to getting off the shuttle and trying to figure out my ride/walk home. Been in training all day. One more day of training tomorrow, its been good though. Learning a fair amount.
OK, so this is only like 3-4 weeks late but damn, it was worth the wait. Check out the baller wheels we hooked Marbin up with. Basically, it makes his Honda Fit the baddest car out there. I will blog later about my obsession with scrapers for now check out what a pair of clip on spinners will do to your ordinary Honda Fit.

Yup, your boy doing the install thing.

Gleamy! Check out the fake chrome!

Oooweee! Bladz.

Your boy and the finished product. I got to ride home in the car afterwards. The rims made it all the way back to SF on the 101. That was basically a win in my opinion.

Three of us were trying too hard. I will let you choose which three.
All in all a positive experience. Marbs was excited, his wife a little less so but I hear rumors she is warming up to the rims (hubcaps). It turned out that the spinners didn't actually spin. I was disappointed, for like a minute, and then I realized that it basically doesn't matter and that the Fit looks sick.
OK getting off the shuttle. The wifey has graciously offered to pick me up at Alamo square. Hope everyone celebrated President's Day the traditional way, by listening to the socialist/activist hip hop group Dead Prez.
Keep it grimey.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Late 90's East Coast and Peach Fuzz

OK, quick one. Been YouTubing instead of working on the shuttle. So sue me, its Valentines day (or VD, or singles awareness day). So the fruits of my searching are primarily for the benefit of Albert so that he can update his Mobb Deep mixtape with some real classics. I am going to toss in the old school Wu joint for good measure.
Also, here is a photo of Albert from his attempt at a beard growing competition. He was looking quite burly. I drew a direct connection between him and my brother, both of them are facially folicly challenged.

Albert looking extra rugged. This might have been the same day as he was wearing his lumberjack shirt, if it was our cubicle was at a hyper masculine level. It would basically be like a cube full of the cast of Walker Texas Ranger and Albert would have been Chuck.

Yeah thats three videos, so what? Take a break and get in touch with your internal Starter cap rocker. Put your butter leather and your pointy ass rings on son!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Steady Aromatic

Work is a little insane this week because of the time off last week and the various trips/trainings I have been doing. Funny how things seem so stable at the time you do these types of things and then things hit the fan the week after. Oh well, they were fun.
Shuttling to the South bay right now sifting through the various work emails I should handle and realizing that I would rather upload and post a few photos from Disneyland instead. So here goes.

Nick taking Goofy too seriously.

Koklynn getting a hug from Goofy after he accosted me twice. Seriously, dude, not cool.

The Disney employee with the camera was yelling "Don't touch his head! Don't touch his head!" It was rad.

Enough said.
Disney was a blast. At work now so going to wrap up. Keep it hood.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bay Areaaaaaa

On the shuttle to work. Got back to San Francisco yesterday from a trip to Anaheim earlier this week. Spent a few days at Disneyland which was basically hilarious. I will try to upload some photos of the revelry at some point. Which reminds me, I am basically three photo posts behind at this point so I need to get up on that. Between some training I had before the Dublin trip, Dublin and Anaheim I haven't had a normal work week in a while. Next week may be a little painful.
Sara is now officially on her leave from work but still hanging out in the Bay Area for a couple more weeks. She did offer to grace me with her presence at lunch before her departure so I will likely take her up on that.
OK getting closer to the office. Here is a photo of Albert and I on the Buzz Lightyear ride to keep people satiated for the time being.

Albert was like way better than me at this. About halfway through the ride I began playing defense by moving the cart away from the targets to throw Albert off. He still beat me by 77,000 points. At least I look cooler in the picture.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just a Quick One...

I'm not feeling so hot (combination of too much beer, too little water, too little sleep and too much fried food) - good times. Dublin has been great fun though - see above for evidence. I went out to Howth with one of the managers from India and we took lots of photos and drank Irish coffee. I am about three photo sets behind in my posting but hey, it gives me fodder for future posts. Lord knows I am running out of stuff to post about. One thing I have noticed is that I have an annoying habit of adopting accents, maybe less accents than intonations, but its annoying none the less. In Ireland I have caught myself - and been caught by others - doing this far too often. When I am hanging out with the folks from India I kind of do the same thing but with less severity.
Back off to the hotel. I had to stop into the office to make a phone call and check my mail. My hotel does not free wifi - lame. Going to grab a non-fried snack - maybe there is fruit. I am probably vitamin deficient at this point. OK, off to it.