Monday, November 30, 2009

I Make Hitler Wear a Yamika, KKK Celebrate Kwanza, Should I Proceed Further?

YouTubin' you to death.
Just caught this track off of Priestisms The LP which is a crazy album. KP is definitely one of the craziest MCs out there. There is an interview with him which was featured in Harpers back in 1998 I think where he talks about his theories on space, ETs and all sorts of stuff. If you can get your hands on it, read that junk, if not, I might know a guy.... Oh yeah and anyone who models their own t-shirt on Moose Limited is awesome in my book.

Oh and I like the fact that Nas is basically angry as shit. His latest album is getting some decent spins on the Ipod.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warm It Up Chris, I'm About To, Warm It Up Chris, That's What I Was Born To Do

Shuttling with Smarbs. He is giving me a hard time about not blogging so I am going to do a micro post and show him. I made cameos on both Dougherty and Sara's blogs over the last couple days which basically makes me as big an online phenomenon as the Kanye West "Imma let you finish" jokes. Smarbs has the Marc Ecko Gmail skin which is his way of expressing his streetness, that and the fact that he is toying with MNM for his new baby's initials. We are chatting inboxes and social media. Yeah, we are nerds.
Hopping off the shuttle. Keep it grimey.

Monday, November 16, 2009

As You Step Up To Bat, Man, I Play The Riddler

Shuttling from MV to SF right now. Spent the evening with Pat, Dave, Ryan and Dan watching a terrible football game. The Cleveland Browns are basically terrible and the Baltimore Ravens are only slightly better. Got to drink a couple beers and eat some fried food though so it worked out alright.
For those of you not paying close attention to my travel schedule I am in California right now. I came in for a conference and to do a little work. Its been nice to catch up with people while I've been in town. Played a little poker with some knuckleheads from work on Friday and caught up with some friends from the city over the weekend. Even went down to the south bay to visit Matt, Brigitta and Violet which was awesome. Parenthood looks good on Matt and Brigitta. Its kind of weird being in SF but staying at a hotel in Union Square which is a part of town I don't know much about. They are setting up the Christmas tree in Union Square and they have a skating rink set up. Its not Thanksgiving yet and most of the big stores have their Christmas decorations up.
Haven't blogged in a while but you know how that goes. Things are clipping along in Dublin. They managed to keep me pretty busy for the most part and Kia and I are pretty settled in. Its hard to believe that we have been out there for six months already. We aren't headed back to AK this year for the Christmas holiday for the first time since we moved away from AK back in 1999 which is pretty crazy to think about. Kia has some designs on a trip to Prague, Budapest and Vienna for the week around Christmas and New Year. I guess that could work.
Less than a week left in SF at this point and the schedule is booking up pretty quickly. Speaking of SF, just got into the city, going to hop off the shuttle.
Grind hard.