Monday, April 07, 2008

The Shoobidoo'op Hop Strictly Hardware

Headed back to SF on the shuttle right now. Traffic has been pretty light so I will try to do a brain dump here pretty quick.
Today was fairly unproductive. I am feeling quite Spring Feverish at this point. Its a good thing I am going camping with some of my knuckleheaded coworkers this Friday or I might just be completely useless for the coming few weeks. Work is pretty busy right now, I guess it usually is. Kia and I went to Green's on Friday and had a delicious dinner. I had a cheese plate, some risotto and an apple tarte for desert. Kia had a salad, bbq tofu and chocolate pudding, it was pretty much fantastic.
Spent the majority of Sunday packing up our living room. We got some boxes from Kia's old work on Saturday and promptly ran through all of them packing our books and living room stuff. My lower back is already sore from moving boxes of books, getting old. Our move date is a couple weeks out but we need to get our place packed and ready to go because I am out this weekend - see above - and Kia is headed to Asia right after we move for about a week.
Albert is back from Beijing - he seemed to have a good time which is not unexpected. He brought back some of the Chinese hats with the braid sewn into the back for the team. In my opinion this is not as good as the duck tongue, yak meat and fake leather hats that I brought back. I mean, I brought three things.
Made some seafood for dinner last night. Boiled shrimp and pan-fried scallops. It was pretty tasty if I don't say so myself. We also roasted a chicken last night so that we would have food ready to go this week so that's what we will probably eat tonight. The wife and I have been shopping a lot at the semi-close Whole Foods, its been responsible for a major upswing in my willingness to cook. Also a major upswing in my expensive cheese purchasing. Mmmm, expensive cheese. I feel like Groo the Wanderer - picture included for reference in-case you are unfortunate enough not to know what I am talking about - although Groo's obsession was with cheese dip, not expensive cheese.

Yeah, that's two comic book references in two posts, so what?
Keep it really real.


Sara said...

my favorite expensive cheese is tete du moine (head of the monk) - it's incredibly stinky, and must be eaten in v. small slivers or else you lose the essence of the cheese. i only bought it for a dinner thing once, because several people thought it was vomit-inducing, but i love that stuff.

too bad the favorite cheese of iowa is kraft singles (although i do have a weakness for those too).

Matthew Lewis said...

While I am not sure kraft singles are technically cheese, I too have a weakness for those little individually wrapped rubbery wafers of goodness.