Monday, April 14, 2008

Show and Prove

Got back from camping yesterday. Some of my knuckle-headed coworkers and I went down to Big Sur and acted a fool for a couple of days. It was pretty damned entertaining. The weather was beautiful this weekend and it felt good to be outside for the weekend. I think it helped alleviate some of the Spring fever I have been feeling. Maybe I will be good for another week or so.
On the shuttle to SF, just finished a little work and have almost made it to Monster park. The bus is pretty warm so most of the people around me are in various states of sleep. Even the guy across me who has been blasting techno music for the last half an hour. I tried to give him the non-verbal cues of "where the hell is that music coming from" even though I knew it was his computer. I looked at my computer, took my headphones off, looked at other people around us, he didn't get it. Or maybe he thinks that we are all into electronic music. Or maybe he is wearing snap pants and is actually Party Boy.
Packing up the apartment right now getting ready for the move this weekend. Its pretty amazing how much shit we have accumulated. Looking forward to the new apartment. The kitchen is bigger, with room for a table and some chairs which will be a major step up for us.
OK, now the electronic music guy just made more space for my laptop, so he isn't all bad. I'm still not willing to delete my earlier comments though. Do you like to party? I like to party.
Looks like another nice evening in the city. We were out at Fort Funston yesterday afternoon and right at 5pm the fog rolled in. I mean rolled in. Kia looked up and said, wow, its getting a little cloudy and the fog was on top of us in a matter of seconds. It was pretty cool to watch.
About to hop off the shuttle. Turkey burgers and packing tonight.
Giants vs. Arizona tonight - Go Giants!

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