Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the Jungle like Mowgli

Its Thursday. This week has gone surprisingly fast considering the fact that I feel like I have been catching up on sleep since this weekend because of camping. My ability to not pass out at 10pm worked against me in this case. If you just can't wait for pictures from camping you can check out Albert's poorly named blog (just jokes buddy). My photo set will need to be censored for more sensitive readers.
I signed up for LinkedIn yesterday on the strength of Matt Dougherty's recommendation. I haven't played with it much but I did let LinkedIn harvest my gmail contact list and pull out contacts who had previously signed up for LinkedIn accounts. It was interesting to get "how are you?" emails from people I haven't talked to in a few years.
The big move is this weekend. I have the Uhaul scheduled for Saturday starting early so I will need to drag myself out of bed and drive the rig back to the apartment. I am hoping that it has an air horn like on a big rig, you know, with the pull down. I actually think its going to be kind of small. I guess my dreams of big-rigging will have to be put on hold - for now.
Kia is off for Hong Kong on Monday for about a week. We have been rethinking the Caribbean trip in favor of a trip back to AK to visit the fam. I haven't been back to Alaska in the summer in a couple years so I am looking forward to that. Maybe a quick camping trip will be in order.
Oh and for those of you keeping track, I lost my fantasy basketball final to Allan. Its OK though, he cheated :)
Getting closer to work now. Busy day ahead of me.
Stay on your grizzly.

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