Monday, August 13, 2007

A Little Classic Pharcyde Goodness

Another music video. Consider yourself lucky I didn't put up the Wu Tang Gravel Pit video, 'cause I almost did.
Things are kosher here in Beijing - not literally kosher, I mean there is lots of pork being consumed - kosher as in good, copasetic. Weather has been amazing the last few days. Spent the weekend out of doors, touring Peking University and playing basketball on Sunday. I have some pictures form Peking U which I will post when I remember to bring my mini usb cord to work.
Travel plans are taking more shape for Kia's visit but there is still a lot of planning to do. Mostly I am just looking forward to spending some time with the wifey, a little Laotian adventure should be fun too.
Headed up to the Sierras when I am back in California with some coworkers for a little camping/fishing which should be great. Kia's going to come meet me and we will stay in South Lake Tahoe for a night too. There is a crazy tasty Thai restaurant there that is almost, almost worth driving all the way to Tahoe for....
I'm going to pack it in and head back to my apartment, didn't sleep well last night. Hope summer is shaping up well in other parts of the world.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I Got a Sickness, and the Only Cure is More Dilla

OK, this Dilla video is the sickness. Just had to post it. I know I am leaning pretty hard on video content, so sue me.
Went on an offsite with my work on Friday and came back on Saturday. It was at a resort about 30 minutes from work where they had water-slides and various other activities (fishing, bowling, tennis, badminton, ping pong, KTV - that's right). It looked like it was set up to be primarily a get away from the city within the city. In that sense it was a little strange. Other than that it was a pretty low key weekend. Finally watched Munich and Troy, they were good and bad respectively. Eric Bana was good in both, but I have decided I only want to see Brad Pitt play deranged characters (Gypsy in Snatch, Lunatic in 12 Monkeys and to a lesser degree Psychopath in Fight Club) other than that forget about it.
Headed back to California on 8/22 for about 10 days or so. Looking forward to catching up with folks and spending time with the wifey. After that its about another 3 months before I will be back in the states. Still working out travel for Kia and myself in September but I am sure which ever way it falls it will be a blast.
Enjoy the video.