Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Running with Fire

So "San Francisco is Bracing" for the impending protests at the torch running today. Apparently San Francisco is the only city in the US where they will be doing any Olympic torch related activity. Yeah, whoever didn't see the Tibet/human rights/environmental protest implications of this should lose their job. Its basically going to be ape. I am envisioning a gang of police trying to hold back bandanna-masked activists with super-soakers. Actually, that could be pretty entertaining. Maybe they should just give the torch runners some water balloons and have some fun with it. Not sure what time that is going on today, but I imagine it will make some of the major news outlets so I am probably not needed on the ground reporting my findings.
Football this evening. I am going to try not to tear my hamstring again, good times. Its all worth it to see Hiro's fluorescent UnderArmour outfits.
Keep it grimey.

*Update - check out what the official China Olympics website has to say about the torch in San Francisco
"San Francisco embraces Olympic flame with pride" Hmmmm.

**Update number 2.
Check out the courage (from official Olympics site):


robert said...

A NYT story today suggests that the IOC played "hide-the-torch" earlier in the day, and that Mayor Gavin (no slouch at PR he) was big on the number of barricades. I am reminded of "Quest for Fire" which was entertaining 25 years ago, but which probably isn't able to sustain interest after many years of CGI. In the end, whether it's the movie or the protest, the learning moment comes from cross cultural interaction. I'm sure the purpose for an S.F. torch appearance was the substantial Asian population in the Bay Area. Which just makes for more 89 octane on your fire, or h2o on your fire, depending on your POV. The Times doesn't give a lot of details, but I have the impression that they gave a riot, and no one showed up. Mostly because of governmental bait-and-switch. Sly Stone produced a great album with a similar angle, which no one who reads this blog has ever heard of. At least as good as anything by Marshall Mathers. Who probably hasn't been heard of or from for a while either. Frankly, listening to the guy is pure torcher.

Matthew Lewis said...

Torcher huh? Sly Stone is getting queued up on the music I should be listening to file. I actually agree about most of Marshal Mathers' music. With regards to the torch, I heard they were keeping the actual route a secret so that water terrorists couldn't get fire hoses set up on the roofs of buildings along the route. What would have been awesome is if they hijacked one of those fire-boats that pumps bay water in huge quantities. In that way the bay could have really expressed itself. See, lame puns run in the family.