Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm the King Until I Retire

On the shuttle, the new shuttle. Rode the old shuttle this morning but almost missed it because I wasn't hip to how long the walk/bus to the shuttle would take from the new apartment. Made it though, and now I know, kind of. The weekend move was pretty tough. Spent all day Saturday moving with the Uhaul and most of Sunday moving last minute stuff and cleaning the old apartment. Got some much needed help from Kev - thanks buddy.
I have been fighting off a cold since Friday and wrecking my muscles over the weekend was not conducive to my immune system kicking this cold. I managed to set the tv up on Saturday and eat two meals of Taco Bell this weekend so it wasn't a total wash. Headed to the old apartment tonight to do some additional cleaning, move the fridge stuff out and try to get completely out of the old spot by mid-week so that I can do the walk-through with the old landlord.
Kia is on her way to Hong Kong right now somewhere over the Pacific likely enjoying some sleep. She was going non-stop since Friday and while sleeping on the plane is not particularly restful I imagine she is sacked out pretty hard right now. I have to admit, I am pretty jealous of her getting to go to Hong Kong and China. I could go for some Cantonese food and a mango smoothie right about now. I guess I shouldn't complain. In terms of cities in the world with decent Chinese food, I am doing pretty good.
I won't have internet at my new place until Wednesday but the phone should be up and running tomorrow. I had intentions to update my address on Facebook during the shuttle ride, maybe I still have time....
I'm not particularly inspired to cook a decent meal with Kia out of town. Perhaps I will just shift my schedule to work later so that I can eat at work. Probably not....
Nuggets lost to the hated Lakers on Sunday. Giants are a half game up on the Dodgers.
Stupid Dodgers.

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