Monday, July 27, 2009

"Because, Man, Somewhere In These Memories Is The Evidence"

Just caught the Tron trailer that they unveiled at Comic-Con last week (it turns out they released this trailer last year at Comic-Con but the put a date on it this time around and they are releasing it in 3D). I would put money on the fact that my brother is going to be all over this.
Here is the old school trailer just for reference:

Pretty cool. Can't go wrong with some Jeff Bridges and some futuristic craziness. Check out min 0:44 for some Lebowski-esque goodness.
Here is the new Tron trailer. Embedding disabled - boo.
Um, yes.
Back from Belgium. Trip was a blast. Lots of Belgian ales tasty food and good sites. Went for an epic bike ride through the Belgian countryside into the Netherlands and along the Belgian coastline. Pictures to come.
Back to work, grind hard.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now Your Leg Is Missing, Blood Will Glisten, Then Your Soul Will Seep Into The Solar System

I admit it, I slept on the Mr. Lif album when I first got it. The Sun was a clear winner but I wasn't really following the rest of the album. I repent for my errant ways.