Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They All Got A Sales Pitch, I Ain't Buyin', They Tryin' To Convince Me That I Ain't Tryin'

Pretty quiet at work today. People are mostly out for the holidays. Went for some Christmas pints with Jonas yesterday which was quite festive. Leaving tomorrow afternoon for the holiday odyssey to eastern Europe. First stop Budapest for a few nights then Vienna and Prague for a few nights each. Christmas in Budapest and New Years in Prague, should be pretty European. I will have to remember to bring my Puma F1 racing shoes - just kidding.
Not going home for Christmas will feel pretty odd but Kia and I will make the best of it. A train trip through Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic will probably help.

Shout out to Albert on the track - update the blog Shalbs. He sent it to me in August but I effectively ignored it until yesterday. If you want to see the music video (and hear the edited track, click here).
Back to it. Happy holidays everyone.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Paint Flows With The Feathers From The Wings Of Angels

Another monster track off of the Priestisms album.

Short post, trying to get out of work. Got back from Spain on Sunday. Kia and I saw a ton of the southern part of the country. I think our last count was like 13 cities in 10 days. It was pretty epic. We went to Tanger for the day which was definitely pretty high on the highlight list. There are about 4000 photos which need to be gone through and uploaded. I am trying to figure out if I should upgrade my Picasaweb storage of just pony up for the Flickr pro thing. I don't really want random photo nerds commenting on my photos but maybe I can avoid that by not tagging them. Anyway, need a better solution for the online storage thing because I am fast running out of my free space in Picasa. Anyhow, hope things are good with everyone and that their run up to the holidays is going smoothly. Kia and I will be in Europe for the holidays this year - the first time in the 10 years since we left AK that we won't be back for Xmas or New Years. We will make the most of it though. Back to work.
Grind hard.