Monday, April 28, 2008

Nowhere to Run

GTAIV comes out tomorrow. Its going to be completely ape. I pre-ordered a copy from Amazon but apparently its not supposed to arrive until Friday. That's fine though, lots to do this week with the conference and visitors in town. I have been mildly obsessed with the Grand Theft Auto games for a while and GTAIV is supposed to live up to its monstrous hype. The graphics are pretty insane and what has impressed me the most with the clips I have seen is the physics which are surprisingly realistic in the car crashes and gun-fights. All this and they still let you pull a rocket launcher out from under your coat.

Duck and cover gun fighting has also been integrated which is an improvement on the older versions where you just had to stand in the middle of the street to shoot and aim.

Last one, notice how the hummer bounces like crazy when you are driving too fast. Its pretty damned cool. Also, rocket launcher featured again.

Kia made it back safely from Hong Kong. She had an awesome time and has even grown a fondness for dim sum during her trip (bonus for me). Glad to have her home though, it was not so fun to be at home alone. She got back on Sunday morning and within 45 minutes of her walking through the door the cat managed to slip and fall in the bathtub, and somehow got his foot caught in the soap holder twisting his hind leg pretty badly. He is limping around on it right now and Kia said it is fairly swollen. We are going to take him in tomorrow to get some x-rays. Good times. Pet insurance, I balked at it when I heard about it, man, there have been a couple times now where I could have used that stuff.
Getting close to the city. Pizza for dinner tonight and some laundry on the schedule. Later.

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