Monday, March 31, 2008

Turn up the Bass and let the Trunk Rattle

Whew, a fairly busy day. Missed my usual shuttle back to the city because of some operational inefficiencies. It was actually the first time I missed the shuttle because the shuttle to the shuttle (don't ask) was late and didn't get me to the shuttle in time. I guess I shouldn't complain. It just means I will have to leave the extra 10 minutes early to ensure I have a big fat buffer.
Busy today but I had some time with my headphones on and I have been listening to a bunch of indiefeed podcasts that I haven't heard yet. Indiefeed is where it is at. I have been turned on to quite a few artists from those feeds. I have been listening to the alternative channel lately and there are some good bands sprinkled in there (there is some garbage too).
A few things to update:

Wifey and I are moving about a mile from our current house. We are in the application stage on an apartment in Laurel Heights which is north and a little west from our place now. Its bigger, not huge, but a nicer building and quieter area. Should be legit. Lets just hope those car-jacking charges don't come back to bite me.

Google released street view in Anchorage - w00t! Mom was pumped about this. If you search for her house you can see her house, and her car, parked the wrong way, on the street in front. Pretty rad, they covered almost the entire city which is quite impressive.

Kia is going to Hong Kong and China in about 3 weeks. She is headed to Asia for work to check out some of the production sites and make sure things are cool. She's going to do an extra day or two in Hong Kong at the end of the trip to tour around a bit. Should be fun. Mmmm dim sum.

We booked tickets this weekend to go to Germany in September with Kia's grandparents. Going to Bavaria. Apparently there is like a huge rivalry between Bavarians and people who rep Berlin. For my money I am going with the Bavarians. Not only because their name rhymes with barbarians but also because this is how I imagine most Berliners.

We are looking for another vacation spot for late May, somewhere beachy, maybe the Caribbean. We were looking at islands this weekend and it looks pretty much awesome.

Its both Christopher Walken and Kia's grandfather's birthday today. Two of my favorite older dudes.

Man Trip camping trip upcoming the weekend after next. Going to Big Sur with some of the usual knuckleheaded suspects. Should be fun.

That's that. About to get off the shuttle in the city. It turns out that if I commute during slightly off peak times I can make the trip much more quickly. This shuttle left MV at 6:40ish and is arriving in SF at 7:15ish. A 35 min commute is unthinkable between 5 and 6. Perhaps I will adjust my schedule....
Stay on your grizzly.

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