Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If it were a dog our relationship would be 70

Still waiting to hear back on that apartment. I wouldn't normally be anxious about this but we put our notice in a couple days ago so I am feeling a little bit up in the air. I am sure it will be kosher though. Trying to figure out the moving thing. Kia is headed to Asia in a couple weeks so if and when we get the apartment we will have to hustle on the move thing. Oy.
No new Lost tonight which is pretty obnoxious. I kind of feel like that show is popular enough at this point that they can kind of do whatever the hell they want.
Things are pretty good. Fairly insanely busy right now and trying ot fight off a cold. These things tend to be in direct opposition to each other and one, usually the cold, wins out. Extra sleep should help with this.
So today is Kia and my anniversary, well our second anniversary, we keep track of both the wedding and the dating dates. This one is the dating anniversary and its actually our tenth anniversary which is pretty awesome. Its making me feel a little old though, but its exciting. Actually, Kia and I have lived together for the vast majority of this our time together so its beginning to rival the time I lived at home. Its pretty amazing to think back over the last 10 years.
My boss said today that my wife must have great patience. Uh, duh.
Love you wifey.

*Update - Special thanks to Seth who said he would be watching Lost tonight, misleading me into thinking it was Thursday for the last 2 hours. Jerk!

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