Thursday, April 03, 2008


Man, I got some flak today at work about my blog. Top complaints:

1. I don't have my own domain (I think the implication was I can't afford one - this is actually kind of true if I got my name thanks to the actor who plays Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter, what a tool. I have been thinking about getting a domain but then again it would cost me money while blogspot is free....)
2. Prevalence of YouTube videos on the blog (Come on guys, even I bust on myself for this one)
3. Use of default Blogger template (Uh, have you seen the latest updates? They are looking bad ass)
4. Quality of my plug-ins (OK, this one is just painfully nerdy)
5. Something about ghostriding the whip (I am pretty sure this came from Pat and he thought it had something to do with the guy below)

Thats a pretty sick image. Actually, now I kind of wish ghostriding the whip did have something to do with that guy.
Other than verbal abuse from my coworkers, things are good. We got approval on that apartment we are looking at so that's pretty exciting. Move in date is the 19th of April. Pretty pumped about the extra space. Maybe we will get a new living room chair. Yeah, that sounds good.
Dinner reservations tomorrow evening at Greens. Looking forward to that. We haven't been out there for a while and for veggie cuisine, hell cuisine in general, they do it up. I have been meaning to try Suppenkuche too so we may have to hit that this weekend too. Other than that I have big plans to pack up/go through and take to Goodwill a ton of the stuff in our apartment.
Giants pulled off a win yesterday so they went 1 and 2 for the opening series. In my opinion this is not a bad start. Considering they were tied in the 9th on the second game, I kind of feel like they split the series. Stupid Dodgers.
Bonds has been in the news. I did the ESPN survey (mostly to see the results) and 55% of responses felt that Bonds is a hall of famer. I don't disagree.
Getting close to the my stop, sort of.


Matt Dougherty said...

Give us your new address so we can spy on you with Google Street View.

Matthew Lewis said...

I will. But I will email it out when we move. I don't want all my blog stalkers to get a hold of it....