Friday, April 18, 2008

Get Your Paper Up

On the shuttle, pretty close to the city so this might be quick. Might not, traffic on Friday's is a little iffy. Damn, the y button on my computer is not working well so I have to bang on it to get the y to come out so people think I am an angry typer. Well, I kind of am. Shuttle ride has been mostly consumed with work, but its good that I wrapped the work I have been needing to do (for a week) before this weekend as Kia and I are moving tomorrow. I have been talking a great deal about the move over the last few weeks. Its both because I am excited for the new apartment but also because I freaking hate moving and I am trying to express this frustration.
I got an IM from my brother today. He often IMs me through his wife's IM account so its both a little strange to be called a "little shit" and to know that the ridiculous things that we IM about are logged into her mail account.
So Kia went to the apartment to pick up keys today in the afternoon, did a walk-through with the apartment manager to find that there was no fridge. Now, there WAS a fridge when we saw the apartment a few weeks ago the the fridge replacement process was apparently not finished. Monday they say. Whatever I guess, I will just have to drink my beer this weekend before it gets cold - beer bong anyone?
Man, that y key thing is pissing me off.
OK, about to hop the shuttle at civic center and hang out with my homeless homeboy's while waiting for Kia to show up to pick me up. We are going to do some light moving tonight, maybe the tv and some other stuff, no perishables though, because of the fridge. Maybe I should just buy some ice and do the cooler thing. Yeah, that sounds pretty good.
Oh, and go Nuggets!


Allan said...


Jason said...

I didn't call you a little shit...punk ass!!!

robert said...

Reading the commentary, it seems as if there may be some benefit to assessing the protocols as well as analyzing the content.

Beginning with the latter, Allan is perhaps under-utilizing any entitlement regarding posting, since he's limiting himself to single words. Two syllables to be sure, but one word nonetheless. Jason seems to have deteriorated to the vituperative. And the comparative use of punctuation is instructive. Both make use of the ellipsis, Allan more for its suggestive connotation, implying that there is more to follow, and leaving a mystery about why it isn't included. Whereas Jason has used the ellipsis as a spatial interlude, an aural hyphen. Of course the three exclamation points are neo-modernist, partially because of their tautological nature, but as much for their ubiquity. As an ironist, he could just as easily inserted a smiley face. Note here that his language is an implicit disavowal of Matthew's vocabulary: no "hyphy" user he! Allan's use of the single word is however, no less distinguishable from Matthew's formalism than Jason's lengthier missive. Had, for example, Allan simply added "Mmmm...." before the word "Nuggets...." he would have achieved a certain popular cultural reference that would have resonated with a segment of the population. He chose not to. In so doing, while he limited the implications of his comment, arguably he managed to retain some of the immediate focus, which may have been his intent. Jason's comment: clearly more direct, more forceful, less room for interpretation. However, it is still a subtle description of a relationship between poster and postee. Which leads inevitably to the question: Who are the readers here? is this a mere dialog between siblings, or something more? A commentary on the current political debate regarding the war in Iraq? Or a Clintonite/Obama supporter issue?

Which brings us to the matter of posting protocols: Do these things have to make any sense? Or should there be any limitations on appropriate posts? Having myself been the subject of at least some scrutiny for obtuse, if not objectionable comments, is there some great webmaster in the sky to whom these issues are addressed?

As a result of all this, I believe I have gotten my paper up.

Matthew Lewis said...

Allan - Yeah, Nuggets, what? Booooo Lakers. :)

Jason - Yo mamma!

Dad - For your clients' sake I hope you aren't considering the many hours you have spent commenting on my blog as billable....

robert said...

When you're on hold with tech support, nothing's billable, and the hold music is enough to drive you to surfing.