Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Escape, The Corleone, Fettuccine, Capone

Two and a half months with no post is too long. That said, its not like I have been good about other forms of communication over that period. Haven't called my family, haven't emailed people I haven't seen in a while. Basically, if I haven't seen you in person at work, my apartment or Mini bar on Friday night you aren't getting much love. Sorry.
Work has been ape. That's not an excuse as much as a change of topic. It has been ape though. I have spent most commutes working which is not how I like to spend my time on the bus. I am breaking that trend tonight because I was at work late and refuse to spend more time working. My weekends have been pretty chill lately except for the BBQ last Saturday. Didn't eat much BBQ but had a few beers and some bourbon which is a good way to ruin your plans for Sunday.
Was in India a couple weeks ago for a couple weeks (roughly). You know, quick trip to India, nbd. The wifey and I are headed to Maui in June for the 10th wedding anniversary which makes me feel old to say and type.
OK, been listening to Nas lately, specifically the It Was Written album which I am not not ashamed to admit was my first Nas album. The album is classic, not as classic as Illmatic but whatever. My two favorite tracks off the album:

Classic, hadn't seen this video either.

Foxy Brown kills that verse.

Oh and if you were wondering if Cormega can still rap, check this out:

Yup. Oh yeah and Sean Price is a monster.
That's all. Grind hard.