Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It Ain't Over

Its been a long week and its only Tuesday. Today was one of those days where my meetings were stacked in a way that I ended up just going from meeting to meeting with a little downtime in-between to check mail/eat/bullshit. I always feel like those days end up being about 70% effective in getting anything done.
Riding the new shuttle again. Its working OK so far. The crowd on this shuttle is a lot less hipster than my other shuttles which went to Cole Valley and Western Edition. I guess I am not much of a hipster anyway more of just a dirty hippy. I have seen at least two people driving alongside my shuttle during this commute who were listening to their ipods via earbud headphones while driving. I can't believe people think this is a good idea, its freaking unbelievable. They must be from LA.
Headed back to the old apartment tonight to hopefully finish up the move/cleaning completely. It was pretty amazing how much more slowly it went with just me there last night. I managed to clean out the fridge and do the cabinets in the kitchen. I think I am going to try to stop by the hardware store to pick up some touch up paint to cover up some of the knicks in the trim.
Had a conversation with Dougherty today at work about Obama and Clinton. I won't get into the details - it turned out I was right - but the main point was that I kind of feel like Clinton has gotten hosed in the media and effectively labeled as bitchy and elitist. My mom is saying via IM right now that Hillary likely won PA but its still too close to call. I guess my main point on this is that I am not convinced that the anti-Hillary sentiments aren't, in many cases, purely emotional reactions to biased media coverage. That said, I would classify myself as an Obama supporter, I'm complicated, so what?
In the city now. Zito is pitching against Webb tonight in San Francisco. This would be an awesome time for him to get his stuff together. Go Giants!


Matt Dougherty said...

Sounds like you just like to argue.


robert said...

Matthew. This person seems to have discerned the dominant family trait without having actually lived in the family unit.
Talk about your eye/ear for language.

Matthew Lewis said...

Uh doy. I never said Hillary could win though, in fact I said the opposite. I just think she gets an unreasonably bad rap.

robert said...

Methinks he doth protest too much. Hillary is in the "missed the boat" generation of women; the women who wrestled with a lot of gender discrimination issues, and who now see their best shot at having a woman president throttled by a guy who, arguably, is jumping the line. A lot of Hillary supporters think that Obamaites are effectively ignoring the Hillary generation efforts (which redounded to Obama's benefit as well as Hillary.) This actually turns quite visceral on the street, resulting in the "It's obvious that racism is not nearly as deep-seated as sexism" kind of comment that flies quickly to the lips of some Hillary supporters. Frankly, either one of them will be a vast improvement over The Smirk. It's unfortunate that Hillary had to run into a candidate with a lot of personal charisma, and a moment in time when different generations are asserting themselves. Just like I think John McCain shouldn't even be running for president because he's just too old, Hillary and Obama could find themselves representing a generation out of step with the future in just a couple years. Maybe we should just skip Hillary, and move on.

Matthew Lewis said...

Let me clarify here: The title of this post was not in reference to Hillary's campaign, it was instead a reference to this song
by Jozeemo.
I will say that I have made the "its more socially acceptable to be sexist than racist" statement with regards to the elections. I think this statement stands. My main point on Hillary and the election as a whole is that I think that someone saying that Hillary should quit because she can't win should reconsider this argument, winning is not the only reason to run for candidacy. Also, I think that general public sentiment around Hillary is unfairly tainted by the fact that the media has effectively used her as a punching bag.