Monday, September 21, 2009

...And Find a Newport, And I Don't Mean No Loosies, Or Desi Arnaz

Been listening to this track over and over the last day or so. Hipster hop at its best:

Shout out to DP on the hook up on this track.
Wale doing his thing too:

Time to bust out the skinny jeans, cardigan and desert boots.
Things are good. Haven't blogged in a while. Lots of things I want to say but I will keep it to the time sensitive stuff. The wifey is in AK for another week or so. She has been out for a couple weeks having a good time in Anchorage and doing a road trip with her grandparents who are up visiting. They went into Canada (aka Alaska jr.) and hit up Kennicott which sounds like a fair amount of fun to me.
Nelson is in town this week. Went to dinner at Gruel which was pretty tasty.
The Giants are still numerically in the race for the NL wildcard though their chances are looking pretty slim at this point. I have to admit, I am pretty damned satisfied with their play this year even if they miss the playoffs. To be in it in September far outpaced my expectations considering their complete utter lack of a batting line up. Still holding out hope that they make the playoffs.
9ers are playing some decent ball too. If they can get their passing game in order they have a decent shot at winning the division as far as I am concerned. Oh and Michael Crabtree is officially a dumb ass for not signing. I understand him wanting to get paid but the team seems to be moving on without him pretty effectively. Honestly though, I would love to see him suit up and pull down some passes. One of the stories I read outlined the fact that Crabtree's agent is effectively a draft agent saying that if Crabtree doesn't pull very top dollar his agent is at a disadvantage going into the next draft because he is essentially only as good as his last post-draft contract. I think they are both shooting themselves in the foot at this point though.
Anyway, things are good, a little bored without the wifey but she is headed back soon so I imagine I can survive. Lots of photos to post at this point, still haven't posted the AK photos, the Belgium or the Switzerland photos, so I will get up on that.
Grind hard.