Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God Made Dirt And Dirt Bust Your Ass

Just wrapped up my last day at work for a month and I am feeling pretty ready for some leave. Thought I would leave the blog for a bit with this gem.

ODB. Greatest of all time.
I will try to update a bit while I am in the US.
Grind hard.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Feel Free To Hate, I Ain't Tryin' To Be Your Mate

So Ratatat did the impossible and made Dizzee Rascal sound cool.

Respect to Dan Cheezie on the Ratatat remixes hook up.
I just realized that the comment moderation setting for Blogger requires me to check who has commented by logging into my account. I enabled the email notification now so that my dad won't have to send three of the same messages thinking that I am ignoring him. Sorry dad.
Got back from Portugal and Amsterdam on Sunday. The trip was great, totally relaxing and great sites. I caught the Spain/Portugal game in Lisbon and the Brazil/Holland game in Amsterdam. The game in Amsterdam was pretty entertaining. The entire city became a victory celebration with people driving their boats up and down the canals drinking and singing.
Kia and I are getting ourselves together for the one month of traveling in the US which is going to start mid-July (next week). We will be in NY for a few days, Pennsylvania for about 10 days with Jason, Heather, the boys, her parents and Liz, Arizona for a few days to visit Josi, Vegas for a couple days and New Mexico for a few days for Maria's wedding before ending up in SF for about a week to visit my grandpa and some friends. Its going to be a lot of traveling but I am pretty excited. I have a few things to wrap up at work before I jet but its looking doable. Kia is similarly busy trying to wrap up stuff.
One more music link, cause I can.

Yup, Dead Prez are better on this beat than Drake. The mixtape is pretty good. Give it a listen.
Grind hard.