Friday, April 25, 2008

I Pays for it Like Mics in the Source

Just a quick update.
The move stuff is pretty much handled at this point. Did the last walk-through with the old landlord on Wednesday and have been trying to resurface since then. Still no phone/internet at the new apartment but this is supposed to be handled today. Kia gets back Sunday from Asia. Its pretty amazing how discombobulated I am while she is out of town.
I've been overusing my car this week because Kia is out and I have access to it. The Blazer is not much of a commute-mobile but I am pretty sure I have been amusing the other commuters with my chair-dancing as I blast my neck-breakers. Wow, lots of hyphens. That said, I have noticed the volume of blogging is directly correlated to how much time I spend on the shuttle.
OK, at work at this point so I am going to wrap it up. Might go to Napa with some of the conference visitors tomorrow.
Get your bars up.

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