Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mmmm Mango Smoothies

I've been pretty gassed this week. The weekend long beerfest was not particularly restful. I guess its my own damn fault.
Work has been reasonable this week, busy but not too apeshit. Still trying to get the house packed up and ready to go for the Saturday move. I hate moving. Its perhaps one of my least favorite things but I am excited for the new place. Its not as centrally located but roomier and with more light (which I may or may not have to get crazy curtains for to protect the tv from much hated glare...).
I will post some pics of the place when I have them taken. We are doing the lease/key thing on Friday morning so that might offer some opportunities to take a few photos.
Kia is getting ready for her Asia trip next week which should be a blast for her. She is going to spend an extra day or two in Hong Kong hanging out with a coworker who is from the area. I keep trying to talk her into trying the mango smoothies they have but she isn't sold on it yet. I will keep trying.
Speaking of mangoes, I always impressed the Chinese speakers in Beijing with knowing when they were talking about mango smoothies in Chinese. Uh, yeah guys, the word is the same in both languages. Whatever though, I will take credit for being multilingual.
Shuay fan pi.

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