Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Radio Raheem, You Hear Me Doctor? Always Do The Right Thing

Holy DJ Jimmy Jam, this track is a monster.

Van Damme. C Rayz Walz is way mo' betta rapper than the Minnesotans, but I will take what I can get.
Sunny in Dublin, back to work.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Get Suplexed Up In My Two Story Duplex

Tuesday done. Feeling more and more settled in Dublin which unfortunately means working a bit later because I don't have as much bs stuff to do like get paperwork filled out for the Irish government. Most of that appears to be done now, maybe all of it, I guess we will see if the Irish INS comes a knockin'.
My dad pointed out that it is Bloomsday. Yeah, I didn't know what that meant either. Now I guess I have to read Ulysses, or try.
Lots of things going on. Work is busy which I have to admit I am enjoying at this point. Kia is pretty settled in. She came into work for lunch today which was nice. Trying to plan out some travel at this point now that we are actually allowed to be in this country longer than our initial passport stamps allowed. Lots of things to see.
Been listening to the relatively new Brooklyn Academy album and its pretty damned good. The same guys were in a group called Word A' Mouth back in the 90s and I had been on the lookout for more stuff from them for a while mainly because of this song from the original Lyricist Lounge album:

Uh, yeah thats nuts.
Here is a track from the new(ish) album:

Dope, Killah Priest too, monster track.
Other happenings include taking mewing to task on a 90s dance/r&b referencing contest. I will post on this more later. Son is getting served though.
Grind hard.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Never Thought I'd Be On A Boat, Its A Big Blue Watery Road

Haven't posted in a while, lots has been going on and I haven't felt a ton of motivation to post. Oh well. Kia and I have settled in to our apartement in Dublin as of last Friday. Its about a 10 min walk from the office and the apartment is quite nice so we are pretty happy about that. Settling into the work stuff. Its always a bit of an adjustment moving between offices and getting to know the new personalities but kind of exciting at the same time.
Had a great time back in Alaska while we were there for the week or so doing the move. The trip up to AK was pretty awesome. Met some pretty interesting people on the ferry, lots of people headed to Alaska to work for the summer, tour guides, fishermen, drug dealers, techno djs, etc.
My ipod crashed the other day and I reformat it but its meant that I have been forced to listen to my newer music (what was sitting on my laptop) and I was listening to this song on the way home.

Pretty sick.
For the 1% of you who haven't seen the "I'm On A Boat" video its linked at the bottom. Kia says you can't fully enjoy this video without seeing the Akon video before it so I linked that one first.

Yes, for those of you paying attention this is the second time I have linked this video.

Credit goes to Claire and Paul for sharing the video when we visited in Portland. Its official though, T-Pain is a monster.
OK, that's all for now.
Grind hard.

**Update, I just posted this post and had to delete it from Pat's food blog. Doh, such a n00b.