Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Balck Smif N' Wessun Started Wrecking They Shows

Shuttling north right now. Commute today has been nuts because of the weather. Rainy. Stupid precipitation.
Moved into the new apartment over the weekend. Borrowed Lasse's van, which is creepy but fully legit, and ran a ton of errands. Staying at grandpa's was actually pretty OK for the last couple weeks. I think he appreciated the company and my aunt Pam came up from TX for the last week which was pretty fun.
The new apartment is pretty legit. Getting set up. Kia has been unpacking and setting stuff up the last couple days and its starting to look reasonable. Got some good deals on furniture from a coworker which helped a lot. Mattress got delivered today and the internet went in so we are officially a couch away from being real people.
The apartment is a couple of blocks above Haight st. which will work well for the shuttle and gives us access to Cole Valley and Haight/Ashbury which should be good.
Gotta run and grab a secret Santa gift in the Haight before I get home to finish setting up furniture. Shuttle ride has officially been 1.75 hours and will be on the better side of 2 hours by the time I get there. Well, at least I don't live in Mountain View.

Props to Free's beard. Extra grimey. Also shout out to Brother Ali's voice cracking.
Keep it grindy.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Real Noreaga, He Owe Me A Hundred Favors

Shuttling back to the east bay right now. This has been my first day back at work which has been pretty good so far even though I made some tactical calendar errors my first day. Staying with gramps in the east bay has been as expected which is to say its been very nice of him and a little bit odd at the same time. Kia has been on the apartment hunt pretty hard the last few days trying to lock something down in the city with limited success but then again, its only been three days.
The last few months have been pretty hectic with the decisions to leave and come back to Google even though I never really left but in the end, here we are, back in the bay, doing big things.
Had a pretty epic month off mostly spent in Anchorage relaxing and spending time with family. Kia and I went to Maui for a week which was super chill and fun. Lasse came up to Anchortown for the Thanksgiving holiday and we showed him around a bit, taught him about American food, went snowboarding and introduced him to the locals. Some of his photos are here.
This is the anthem for the week.

Like a boss.
Keep it grimey.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Ride The Soundwave Ridiculous, Omnipotent, Scientific, Chace Infinite

Just heard this for the first time thanks to the 1998 iteration of the History of Hip Hop mixtapes from The Rub.

Holy moly. These mixtapes are monsters. Can't recommend highly enough.
Back to work.
Keep it grimey.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Shame On You When You Step Through To The Old Dirty Bastard Straight From The Brooklyn Zoo

Fresh back from NYC and Rock The Bells. Had an epic time with the AK roll dogs and my brother from a Danish mother. The show was bonkers. 1:30pm to 12:00am of hip-hop legends. When DJ Premier is opening the show you know its going to be ape shit. Lots of good performances. Slick Rick rocking purple Tims asking the crowd if they like the colors, Rakim with more swagger on stage than a rhino, KRS with Bumpy Knuckles as his hype man and bringing out Buckshot. Lauryn Hill brought out all of her kids after performing To Zion.

She brought a ton of other people out just because they were hanging out in the wings. Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock, Jay-Z, John Legend. That was nuts.
Tribe was dope, super live on stage. Wu was crazy and Snoop killed it. Still trying to process what happened on that stage.
The day was pretty rough though. I was standing in the pit for the first six acts with people pressed against me and by the time the seventh act came up I had to get some space.
It was wild.
Long night of flying last night though so I am headed home for some well deserved sleep.
Grind hard.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Knowing Heaven'll Shun Us Being Devil's Miners, That Ain't Got Shit To Do With Tea In China"

One of the blogs I follow recommended this set of mixtapes from Rub. I have listened to the 2006 mixtape and its really good. Check them out.
Headed out to NYC early on Friday to go to the Rock the Bells show at Governor's Island. It has the makings of a monster day.
Got a couple things to do. Going to wrap those up.
Grind extra hard.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Knocked Down Round For Round, You're Feeling Like You're Shot Down On The Ground

Back in Dublin from my leave. Things are progressing. The trip was bonkers fun. NYC was epic and included puking, things hitting me in the head from many stories above and of course the wifey's big 3-0. The cabin in Pennsylvania was super relaxing and it was good to catch up with the fam. AZ was great, beautiful scenery and nice to see Josiberry and her mutt. The big wedding in New Mexico was amazing and great to see the Santillanes clan and eat some green chile. SF was burrito and beer filled dopeness. Hopefully I will be back in Cali soon enough. Some music that has entertained me lately:

I've been pretty impressed with KiD CuDi.
This one isn't new but the song is pretty sick and the video is straight up nuts.

Turns out Boos was onto something with the Ratatat/Hot Chip recommendations about 2 years ago. Shout out to Boos.
Keep it crackalackin'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God Made Dirt And Dirt Bust Your Ass

Just wrapped up my last day at work for a month and I am feeling pretty ready for some leave. Thought I would leave the blog for a bit with this gem.

ODB. Greatest of all time.
I will try to update a bit while I am in the US.
Grind hard.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Feel Free To Hate, I Ain't Tryin' To Be Your Mate

So Ratatat did the impossible and made Dizzee Rascal sound cool.

Respect to Dan Cheezie on the Ratatat remixes hook up.
I just realized that the comment moderation setting for Blogger requires me to check who has commented by logging into my account. I enabled the email notification now so that my dad won't have to send three of the same messages thinking that I am ignoring him. Sorry dad.
Got back from Portugal and Amsterdam on Sunday. The trip was great, totally relaxing and great sites. I caught the Spain/Portugal game in Lisbon and the Brazil/Holland game in Amsterdam. The game in Amsterdam was pretty entertaining. The entire city became a victory celebration with people driving their boats up and down the canals drinking and singing.
Kia and I are getting ourselves together for the one month of traveling in the US which is going to start mid-July (next week). We will be in NY for a few days, Pennsylvania for about 10 days with Jason, Heather, the boys, her parents and Liz, Arizona for a few days to visit Josi, Vegas for a couple days and New Mexico for a few days for Maria's wedding before ending up in SF for about a week to visit my grandpa and some friends. Its going to be a lot of traveling but I am pretty excited. I have a few things to wrap up at work before I jet but its looking doable. Kia is similarly busy trying to wrap up stuff.
One more music link, cause I can.

Yup, Dead Prez are better on this beat than Drake. The mixtape is pretty good. Give it a listen.
Grind hard.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me And These Is Like ET And Reeses' Pieces

So Chinese comment spammers suck. That's right, I said it. You all suck, eat it. I turned on comment moderation for the blog to try to curb the flow of links to Chinese pseudo-porn. We will see how long I put up with comment moderation. It might be time to switch blogging platforms. Maybe I should get a domain too. That would solve a lot of my photo hosting problems. Then again, I am lazy and will probably just deal with having to approve Nelson's fashion comments and my dad making fun of me.
Work is ape, I shouldn't be blogging so I will get back to it.
West, west y'all.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Please Mr. Boss Man I Need This Job More Than You Know

Hey everybody. Going to try to keep up with my commitment to Sara to actually post semi-regularly. We will see how that goes.
Things have been good. The wifey and I were traveling for a couple weeks and got back on Sunday. Spent about a week in Greece, couple days in Berlin and almost a week in Croatia. Good trip all around. Decent amount of beach time. I went from transparent white to a color I would describe as eggshell. Been grinding it out at work this week but I have a decent break on the horizon in that I will be taking a few weeks of leave from mid-July to mid-August which I am looking forward to. Spending some time in the 'ol US and A.
This track has been following me around for the last couple months and I figure it deserves a post. Stonesthrow stand up!

Still haven't seen the show but I will put it on the to-watch list. Finishing up the sixth season of The Shield and its pretty awesome.
Watched the US get robbed in the World Cup today by this man.

Eat it buddy.
Grind hard.

Friday, May 28, 2010

"Running Through Snow Like Blades In The Winter"

Haven't blogged in a while. Tough nuggz. Work has been a bit ape shit crazy. Lots of different things going on. Kia and I have had some visitors in town over the last month or so. Her mom, mom's boyfriend Cliff and (surprise!) little sister Josi showed up about a month ago and hung out for a couple weeks. My dad and step-mom Kirsten are in Ireland now heading back to the US tomorrow. Sara showed up this week and we had dinner and there have been a bunch of visitors from Mountain View/Beijing/Tokyo and Seoul to hang out with. Did a bunch of traveling but I will refrain from listing trips and rather work on posting some photos soon.
Anyway, the point is that I've been busy, so get off my back about blogging. Sheesh.
Kia and I are headed to Greece/Berlin/Croatia for a couple weeks leaving Saturday which are a welcome break at this point.
Been listening to Danny Brown the last few weeks and you should too.

Grind hard.