Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Rep More D than 12 Eminems

Most people know that I am mildly (all the way up to completely depending on the sport) obsessed with fantasy sports. I play fantasy sports for sports that I only passingly pay attention to (NCAA basketball, to a certain degree the NBA, the World Cup). Its with great shame that I admit getting fully smoked by the vast majority of my coworkers in the NCAA pool. That said, I was pretty pumped to see that hometown hero Mario Chalmers drained a three pointer to put the championship game into overtime where Kansas ran away with it. He did what Trajan Langdon couldn't do however many years ago he was playing for Duke. Trajan did go on to be the first Alaskan to play in the NBA and has had subsequent success in Europe - seriously. Boozer is by far the most successful Alaskan NBA player but shoot, he is from flipping Juneau (like the movie). Chalmers apparently went to my high school for a while. Wikipedia says he graduated from Bartlett though. Either way Chalmers gets the thumbs up from me - good shot buddy - the kid played well the whole damn series too.
I am playing pretty well in the fantasy NBA league that was started as I was leaving Beijing though. Allan - you are going down buddy! Also playing in an NL only baseball league. Should be pretty interesting.
Speaking of baseball, how about them Giants? Trying to stay positive. Its still early and all that, but I am starting to get ripped on by people who don't even follow baseball at work (Dougherty). Not that Dougherty's fair-weather fan mentality is rubbing off on me, but damn, lets go guys. They started the day with a 1-6 record, one Detroit win away from being tied for the worst record in baseball. I am OK with the small ball approach they have taken with the line-up, but small ball only works if the pitching can hold the other team to under four runs. Lincecum starts tonight, he is on my fantasy team. See, tied it back together.

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