Thursday, May 01, 2008

That's the Breaks, That's the Breaks

First day back in the office today after a couple days at the sales conference in Mountain View. It was pretty fun. Highlights include late-night burrito runs and group cake decorating. Our cake was fairly pathetic.
I have GTAIV in my bag right now, but I am expecting not to play it until this weekend. Its burning a hole in my bag though. Hot off the interwebs. Went for a couple drinks with the teams who were in town this evening which was pretty fun. Kun, Allan, Sean and Chrissy are in town from Beijing and its nice to see those guys.
Might go to the A's game tomorrow because Allan wants to go to a game and the Giants are out of town. Its pretty amazing the difference in ticket prices between Oakland and San Francisco, basically double in SF.
Getting back to the city a little late this evening. The cat is on the mend post-surgery. It turned out the cat's leg was broken and we did the surgery thing. He is wearing a cone around his head and dragging around a cast right now. Basically, he is the most expensive cat in the world at this point. Enough said on that. He was pretty cracked out last night coming down off of the drugs from the surgery so he was basically running his cone into stuff and acting like a sugared up 5 year old. I thought it was funny, Kia not so much.
Josi (Kia's sister) is in town this week until early next week I think on her way to Flagstaff where she is moving. Its fun to have her in town, even if I have only seen her for like an hour in the three days she has been in town so far. Maybe we can do something fun this weekend.
OK, getting off the freeway. Keep on your grizzly.


Sara said...

In my family, that cat would have been put down. Of course, in my family, that cat would have been living outdoors, so it never could have gotten its foot caught in a soap holder. But I'm happy that you are fixing it :)

Matthew Lewis said...

Yes, the Alaskan in me struggles with investing large amounts of money in a pet that hasn't won the Iditarod.