Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Triumphant, Reign, Uncontained

Weekend was relaxing but unproductive. Watched a bunch of movies (American Gangster, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, I Am Legend - I was relatively unimpressed with all of these, oh, and they pumped up Common's role in American Gangster pretty hard in the previews but I don't think that dude said 5 words in that movie) and The Wire - Season 1 Episodes 6-8, played some GTAIV and messed around with my PS3. Reid twittered (tweeted, man, that just sounds lame) that he had beat the game already. He bought the game roughly two weeks after me. Dan reported that he had finished the game at 65% with a time investment of 40 hours. I am at 45% with a 22 hour time investment so I am feeling pretty good about that. Kia is not feeling as good about it as me.
Didn't manage to pack for the AK trip as I had planned to. Whatever, I still have a few days. Going to be a packed few days at work. Leaving in the early evening on Thursday so I only have three days to knock out some work. Looking forward to the trip home. The three day weekend was good, but damn, it was kind of just a teaser.
Thinking about heading out to Seward while we are in AK for a couple days. We will see. I am hoping that discs 4 and 5 of The Wire arrive before we leave.
OK, arrived at work. Keep it grimey.

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robert said...

It's been snowing here for the past two days. Disappointing that we couldn't have a picnic outdoors, so we had one indoors. Baked some bread. Ate chicken salad sandwiches with swiss cheese. For some reason, I do not think this is something that your urban rapper particularly emphasizes. For bling we had pecans in the coffee cake. There were no ho's. I read 50 pages from Ulysses, and listened to Alejandro Escovedo. He sang about S.F. and the disaffected. He did not use the words "niggaz" or "thug." Perhaps he was contained.