Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We so Detroit like Murphy was in Robocop

My new bus is annoying me. Basically, if this bus was a bar, I would leave and brown bag it. I miss my old bus-mates.
Kia made it back to town last night after about five days in Texas visiting her grandparents. We went out to Darla's last night which was awesome. That place is solid.
Headed to AK in a couple weeks. Going for about a week. Looking forward to seeing these knuckleheads:

Had a basketball game yesterday and wore some high socks for Dougherty but he didn't even play. We won the game, I should say they won the game because my teammates did the scoring. Perhaps I will start logging the injuries I incur as opposed to my stats line. The injuries would likely be more interesting and take up more space.
Getting off the shuttle. Happy Wednesday.

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