Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Stay Rhymin', Doin' My Thing

Damn, its hot. Current temperature in Mountain View is 99 degrees and its already 6:10pm. San Francisco is 82 degrees but Kia said it was over 100 in the city today. Basically, anything above 78 is too hot for human beings, lizards maybe, lizard people maybe, but normal humans no.

Work has been pretty ape this week. Glad tomorrow is Friday. If its nice this weekend maybe Kia and I can get out of town for the day. We've been meaning to go to Point Reyes for a while so maybe this would be a good opportunity.
Signed up for Twitter this morning. I have "tweeted" three items. They are listed below:

matthewlewis matthewlewis Giving twitter a try, begrudgingly....
matthewlewis matthewlewis Thanking Kunan for ruining my morning.
matthewlewis matthewlewis @njohns why didn't you just IM me? Ah! I don't get it.

This is where the great Twitter experiment may end. I will try to stick with it a little bit. People have been clamoring that micro-blogging is the next big thing. Based on what I am seeing, and now posting, I am relatively unimpressed. Fear not though, I will continue to post inane garbage in similar fashion to this blog. Oh and if you are wondering how Kunan ruined my morning you can ask him. I won't taint my blog with such things.
*I just edited this as I am writing it, I almost wrote: "Who am I kidding, Kunan showed me x" but I looked at it again and realized it was vile. Truly vile. I will never be the same. Thanks Kun, friggin' jerk.
Whew, OK. Getting off the freeway. Lost is on tonight. Looking forward to that.
Grind hard.


robert said...

Other than the fact that the picture looks like grandpa trying to sell the idea that he's only got two pair when he's really got a full house, and the fact that twitter is not just incomprehensible, but inane and grandpa knows it, the post makes about as much sense as twitter on a good day. And I didn't get any rhymes out of the deal.
If you're bloggin, don't be doggin,
You can't be postin if you're boastin.
If you be dumpin on your bros,
you be bumpin on your toes,
gettin' sumpin on your foes,
pickin punkin from your nose.
Its a cryin shame you got a tryin game,
Keeps you buyin fame from a dyin name,
bustin chops is tame if you're Auntie Mame.

Matthew Lewis said...

Punkin'? Dyin' name? You're weird. Oh, and that picture does look like grandpa, but grandpa from like 1978 when he had a beard.

robert said...

I no longer understand whether "weird" is a pejorative. Whatev. My latest theory is that if I over-utilize the most recent cultural argot, I can kill it that much faster. It used to be called co-opting. But that's so 80's.

Matthew Lewis said...


Main Entry:
\ˈär-gət, -(ˌ)gō\

: an often more or less secret vocabulary and idiom peculiar to a particular group [shoved into a taxi by a porter whose argot I couldn't understand — Allen Tate]

robert said...

If you linked your blog to Merriam Webster, you wouldn't need these kind of updates.

Matthew Lewis said...

Nah, auto-linking the obscure words in posts and comments to the dictionary would only lead to you trying to pack as many words I don't understand into a comment as possible. Not that you don't do that already.

Jason said...

Dad's got mad skillz son!!!! haha