Monday, June 09, 2008

I Don't Want Fans Who Don't Know Who G Rap Is

Back in the bay area. Alaska was awesome. I managed to not open my laptop the entire trip (though I cheated and read some email on the Blackberry) which led to a lack of blogging. For most of you this is a welcome respite.
Alaska was nice though. The weather was so-so, kind of cold for June, but summer in Alaska is unbelievable. The night we got in we landed at 1am or so and by the time I was getting ready for bed at 3:30am the sun was coming back up.
Did some hiking and hit up some of my favorite food spots. Got pretty hyphy on Friday night at the Avenue between whiskey shots and PBR despite the fact that I picked up a pretty serious cold on my third day in Anchorage. I am past the excruciating pain that was in my throat and now I am just hacking up phlegm from the depths of my lungs. My coworkers are going to be pretty pumped. The person sitting across from me on the shuttle is probably going to slather his face in hand sanitizer - speaking of which, bad idea, it burns the eyes.
Two good things happening in the world of sports. The Celtics are two games up on the hated Lakers. The Giants, poor as they may be, are in third place in the division with a chance to sweep the Nationals today. Yeah, its the Nationals, so what, we could use the shot in the arm.
OK, close to work at this point. Enjoy your week.


Jason said...

Might you be talking about Nathaniel Wilson? AKA Kool G Rap?

Matthew Lewis said...

Yes, the same. You can be a fan. Speaking of rappers' real names did you know that Petey Pablo's real name is Moses Barrett III?
Oh, I do say, this rap huckle-buck is jolly good fun.

robert said...

We're straying into uncharted waters here, chaps. I think your readership wants a consistent mash-up voice rather than a bangers-and-mash voice. C'est vrai. N'est-ce pas? It was nice to see everyone again for a few hours. I slept in the Anchorage airport last night (for two hours) when 153 got weathered out of town. Made it in this morning, and it's here to beat the band.

robert said...

"Snowing here." Snowing here to beat the band.