Friday, May 23, 2008

My Daugher Found Nemo, I Found the New Primo

An interesting week to say the least. Three day weekend upcoming and I plan to take full advantage of it. I have blogged that I have wanted to get out of the city a number of times recently maybe out to Point Reyes or Monterey, but still haven't just hopped in the car and made it happen. Maybe this weekend.
Need to do some packing for the trip to AK. I am getting pumped to spend some time at home. Jason (my brother) is going to be in town for the entire time now because his schedule changed so I am looking forward to that.
Went to see Indiana Jones yesterday. It was mediocre. I mean, it was fairly true to the old movies, but I didn't think it was as good as any of them. The Transformers/Holes (yeah I saw that, what?) kid was kind of annoying. His tough guy persona was overshadowed by his natural geekiness.
I passed one of these billboards the other day and was pretty impressed. Their site is here and apparently they reclaim old billboards and throw some art up. I like the intent of this but I still think this is cooler.
So today we had an event at work where there was a trivia question of "What was Matthew's hip-hop name?" Now everyone who isn't a complete knucklehead knows the answer is Mr. Prime Beef (which in Alaska is mad gangsta because its the name of a local butcher - yeah, it was like that, still is really), but no one up there knew the answer. I decided to give points based on the best names people could come up with. These were the submitted answers:

MC Beard
Weirdy Beardy
Polar Bearrizzle
Matt Dougherty - this one got negative points
ODH (Ol' Dirty Hyphy) - this was my favorite

I thought of another one that was pretty good - MC Otter Pop.
If I am ever going to make a comeback I need to come up with a new hip-hop name.
Speaking of highschool artistic interests, one of my coworkers was talking about teaching kids the piano the other day and while I stopped short of asking for free lessons I was thinking I should get back into it. Probably a good way to stave off the RSI.
One more non-sequitur - just passed this graffiti on the 101 for the 20th time and need to blog about it. This guy Girafa is making a big splash on the 101 in and a little south of the city.
He does a lot of stuff that looks like this:

But he has begun painting straight patterns which are, simply put, bad as hell:

OK, about to hop off the shuttle.
Get your mind right.

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