Friday, May 09, 2008

Everything I'm Not Made Me Everything I Am

An introspective and contemplative week at work. I will leave it at that, I am pretty drained at this point. I almost missed my shuttle - thanks Burger - and managed to waste about 10 minutes of my day arguing mostly incoherently and ineffectually about whether the free market was good for child care - again Burger's fault. Guess which side I was on....
Kia is in Texas at this point hanging out with her grandparents. I am glad she is getting a little R and R. Work has been fairly ape for her.
Traffic on the 101N right now is pretty horrid so I am going to make a blog post and fart around on the internet a bit. Just got the Kanye West album that came out almost a year ago and I have been listening to that. Its kind of OK if I like it now because the bandwagon passed right? Its pretty decent. The kid can make beats, there is no question, I am liking this album more than both of the two prior even if listening to it makes me want to buy a teal BAPE shirt and some $250 jeans so that I can "shine". Ultimately looking a lot like this guy:

(RC Asked for that one) Speaking of BAPE, man, there was so much bootleg BAPE stuff in China that that brand has to be super devalued in greater China. That said, we are talking about a country that sells Pepsi sneakers and allows unsuspecting grandmas to wear Playboy sweaters.
I have big plans this weekend to play GTAIV and hang out with Salim on Saturday. I also plan on working on my jumper and calling my mom on Sunday (Mother's Day y'all).
Need to hit up Amoeba this weekend and scoop up some new albums also likely some grocery shopping. I will not be going to A.G. Ferrari's this weekend though because of the likelihood that I walk out with a piece of cheese that I a. probably can't afford and b. definitely shouldn't be eating.
Passing the Civic Center right now. Dougherty is headed into the city tomorrow for the Kids in the Hall show. Should be good, you know, if you are into Canadian humorists. Rick Moranis anyone?
Wow, three call-out/burns in one blog post. That's a stretch for even me. Did I mention its been a long week?

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