Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm ET Zooted, Way Out There

Man, Monday, its like that.
Weekend was legitimate but highly unproductive. I would say that I somehow deserved this weekend off if I didn't consider that somewhat of an exaggeration. I ended up playing GTAIV more than I should have but managed to basically wreck shop in that game. One of the more interesting components of the game is that there are non-linear decisions you can make with regards to the plot. Well, that is pretty interesting, probably more interesting to most people is the fact that you can slam your car into other cars at high speed and knock people out of their windshields. How dare you judge me?
Weather shifted for the better in the bay so I have been able to sleep at night and wear normal pants (not hot pants like I do when its too warm). People complain about the fog and how cold it is in San Francisco, but damn, I am all about it.
Started watching The Wire this weekend mainly because I couldn't stand listening to Sean Price make references to the show that I didn't understand anymore. So far its pretty good. I like the characters but basically I end up rooting for the drug dealers.
Bay to Breakers was this weekend and I managed to sleep in through it. I did, however, go get some lunch at Mel's on Geary after the race was done and got to sit next to some drunken idiots wearing unclever costumes acting belligerent. Good times.
This bus runs right through the Tenderloin which has managed to maintain a lot of its griminess. People watching is pretty awesome in the 'Loin. I have a good first experience in SF story about the Tenderloin that I don't have time for right now.

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