Friday, May 16, 2008

Only Chase Money for the Things I Need

We just passed a guy in a black Silverado pick up who managed to get his truck keyed. It went across both doors and consisted of one very deep looking scratch and the word "bitch" poorly written and in all caps. That ain't right. Though, perhaps he did something to warrant such action. Maybe during full moons he turns into a female werewolf and the scratches were done by his own claws in a desperate cry for help. Yeah, that's probably what happened.
So, its another scorcher in the bay. Its disgustingly warm.
Lakers are beating the Jazz right now and while I am not willing to align myself with Utah wholeheartedly I have to say that I am pulling for them hard in this series. I had a debate with a coworker about whether it is acceptable to root for LA teams if you are bay area sports fan. My take on this is a resounding no.
Just made it off the freeway. Looking forward to taking advantage of the weather this weekend and spending some time outside of my apartment. GTAIV may have to take a back burner for a few days while the weather is good. Maybe not. I am only 26% of the way through the game. Dan has beaten the game (at least the main story) already which he says is at roughly 65% completion.
OK getting closer to my stop. Stay on your grizzly.


robert said...

Let me just say this to Bay Area sports fans: The Giants stink.
And badly. Not just Barry Zito, who stinks badly, but the entire team.
This team has scored four runs or more in 21 of 44 games. This is not great, but it is not terrible either. However, they are a miserable 8/13 in those games. They have given up 4 runs or more in 24 of 44 games. This is approaching bad, but again, not terrible. They are however a pathetic 2/22 in those games. Even when they score some runs there is no guarantee that they win.
In the 20 ball games where the other team does not score 4 runs, they are are 15/5. So, if they can keep the score low, they are a decent team. However, they cannot keep the score low even half the time.
They give up walks like crazy, as well as HR's. They can't take a walk to save their lives and their power production is non-existent. Pittsburgh is playing better for God's sake!
Garlic fries cannot save this team from a collapsed fan base by the end of the year.
Playing Rich Aurilia at first base is a sad commentary. This team would be better off with Jason Schmidt on the roster, even on the DL and re-habbing in the minors, than with Barry Zito. The Giants could start selling their jerseys with Barry Zero on the back.
At this winning percentage, the Giants will lose 100 games this year. If you are only going to chase money for the things you need, perhaps the franchise could take a look at first base, second base, third base, and shortstop. With all due respect to Omar Vizquel, we should be able to come up with someone under the age of 40 who can turn a double play.
Is there anyone in the bullpen who can get anyone out? Or are we going to continue to rely on imports from Japan who are older than Ray Durham?
No wonder Matthew is playing GTAIV.

Matthew Lewis said...

Damn. I am not going to dispute that the Giants are playing horribly right now. I can guarantee one thing though, my dad isn't rooting for the fucking Lakers.

robert said...

I'm actually rooting for Pau Gasol. A misprint of a name if there ever was one. What I'm hoping is that the MVP of the league is arrested for felonies, and can't make bail, (ha ha) and then Pau carries the team to an overtime loss to the Spurs/Hornets in Game 7 of the semis. This is not in the cards. I think that, if healthy, the Lakers match up pretty well against the remaining West teams. The Celtics or the Pistons might be able to give them a decent series. Depressing.