Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You Can't Do Dirt in Shell Toes

Just finished up the first basketball game of the season at work. Our team (team Rick Roll) did fairly well, but managed to lose by one point (21-20). I think we will actually be pretty awesome. Unlike the team in China, I actually should not be playing on this particular team based on my skills. It was fun though and Dougherty wore high socks so that was a highlight.
Things are mostly kosher here in the bay area. Days are getting longer and the sun a little warmer. I'm looking forward to the basketball and football games over the summer and there is a pretty decent court near the new apartment where I can work on the jumper - Kobe!
With Kia out of town this weekend I imagine I will spend a majority of my time acting a fool in GTAIV. Someone asked me today whether I got the game. After I yelled at them for not reading my blog religiously and asked them sarcastically if they had ever heard of the internets, I answered yes, I got the game and it makes me do bad things. After talking to coworkers about the game it is pretty insane how much enjoyment can be extracted from an epic car crash or accidentally setting a bystander on fire. Muahahahaha. Come on, I said it was an accident.
Probably going to eat some leftover Chinese for dinner tonight. We ordered from a new place on Balboa. Its pretty tasty, Melissa's, check it out. The mango prawns were pretty awesome, I mean, how could they be bad though right?
Giants are 14 and 19 which puts them squarely in third place. Goooooo NL West.
Oh and while I am at it - Goooooo Jazz! I kind of want to see Boozer clothes-line Kobe in the throat. AK pride son!

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