Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bang on the System

Alright, a couple quick notes.
Lakers won last night. Dan is getting puffy chest syndrome. I like to remind him that Kobe sold his soul to the devil but Dan is from the OC. Enough said.
I got an email from Heather (my sister in law) saying that my nephew participated in the Doodle 4 Google competition and I checked out this sweet map doodle overlay. It shows submissions from different locations. There are a number from Anchorage and Seward (which were grouped together) and one from Juneau.
The first one from Anchorage is of talking buffaloes and walking pumpkins. Its pretty damned surreal (this is a kid from my nephew's school). The one from Juneau is pretty awesome as well. The theme being what if the Europeans never colonized. Damn, Alaskan kids are pretty damned subversive.
I think the doodle from the OC was of a kid's nanny taking him to his skateboard vert ramp lessons in their yellow H2. The two 'o's in Google were the wheels of the Hummer. Extreme.
The Spurs are boring, but at least they aren't the hated Lakers. Go Spurs.


Evan said...

Uhm hello, you're totally forgetting that the o's are spinning rims, not just wheels, how rude.

Jason said...

So I clicked on the link to the overlay...the map is broken or something...if you could, "talk to your people"...thanks...