Monday, May 12, 2008

I'll See You When You Get There, But I'm Going On

I started the day by getting up fairly early and deciding that I would rather take the bus to work than drive. If I took the bus, I could blog and save some gas money. No reason to drive today because I have to drive tomorrow to pick Kia up at the airport in the evening. So, I go to move the car from the spot it was in overnight and shouldn't be during the day today or I could get a ticket. I move the car across Geary park it reasonably and on exit realize that I could pull up a little bit to make sure another car could park behind me. I hop in the car, throw it in neutral to let it roll forward three feet and decide to fire the engine up because I am in a little bit of a hurry.
Huh? Do it again.
Nothing. But wait you say, you just drove it 3 blocks to re-park it, that's right and that was the exact moment it decided to crap on me.
Now you could argue that it was better to have happened on a morning where I didn't have an early meeting to get to. Fine, you are right, I shouldn't complain.
So I call AAA (yeah, I pay for that mess, it comes in handy) and they send a dude with jumpers. He says, "Go ahead and turn it over".
"Do it again."
This went on for a while.
"Its not the battery." The guy says to me, "The light on your battery is green." Green means good. He begins guessing that it is the starter.
We get a tow truck out and head for the shop on California. Tow truck driver is very helpful and basically tells me that it is the battery because he smelled it burning.
Quick aside: Is it customary to tip a tow truck driver? I ended up not tipping him after and felt a little guilty, what do others do in this situation?
Drop it at the shop, guy calls later, its the battery, plus he is going to replace a belt which needed to be done for roughly a year. Kosher.
Monday. Morning. Whole day ahead of me.
The remainder of the day was fairly reasonable in comparison. Had some useful conversations with people at work (I think). Listened to the new Gnarls Barkley album The Odd Couple which has some pretty phenomenal tracks. It also has some pretty mediocre ones.
Went out to dinner with John Reese last night and had fairly authentic Szechuan food. Mmm, ma-po tofu. The place was pretty legit and was authentic down to the Jay Chou concert being blasted on the TV.
That's that. Stay on your grind.

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