Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"I think I pulled my groin!"

Haven't posted in a little over a week. Lots going on out in the bay, lots to update on, but none of it terribly exciting. I have about three posts that are backlogged at this point.

Dublin photos
Why other people I work with are copying my blog
Pineapple Express trailer

I probably won't get to any of these. Actually, I am going to post the Pineapple Express trailer at the end of this post basically because it looks awesome. Credit goes to Dan for sending this out to me earlier today. The movie looks like a combination of The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, and Half Baked. Uh, can you say best movie of all time? Why wait, here it is:

What else? Hauling back to the city right now sitting in the back of the bus about to barf from spending the bus ride working and bouncing like mad because I am in the back. Why the back? Funny you ask, its one of the places where there is a table so that I can type and the tables in the front had people sitting at them who had their backpacks in the seats next to them and I wasn't in the mood to get one of the "There are plenty of open seats/I live in the Marina and deserve whatever I want" looks that accompanies that request.
Sara is in Iowa now and her blog has taken a turn towards optimistic. Its nice to see but she made a post the other day about how if she ends up being a positive person because of her leave that she risks losing friends she made during a period of high stress and pressure where she may have been more cynical. We can still be friends Sara.
Albert's blog is turning out pretty well in terms of being a public forum for his trip to China. Plus it features Yiteng and Kunan heavily which is fantastic. That's right Albert, you earned a link.
Got some new jamz yesterday on my way home. Finally picked up the new(ish) Wu-Tang - 8 Diagrams, Strong Arm Steady - Deep Hearted, Redman - Redman Gone Wild: Thee Album, Madlib - Beat Konducta vol. 3+4: Beat Konducta in India, J-Dilla - Welcome II Detroit, etc., etc..
OK. Getting closer to the city. Going to try to not stay at work late anymore this week. In fact, I might just bounce early once or twice this week, thats right, I said it, do something.


Matt Dougherty said...

There is a band from Alaska opening for Minus the Bear in April. http://www.myspace.com/portugaltheman

The snow will be thawing by then, time to come out of hibernation.

Sara said...

If the next Homeless World Cup ends up being played at the round barn near my house, I will know that you were the catalyst!

And thanks for revoking the offer of friendship ... I was having difficulty motivating myself to maintain a long-distance friendship anyway!

Matthew Lewis said...

Matt - I am highly suspicious of any band hailing from Wasilla. The last person to get famous from Wasilla is this guy, I think.

Sara - Zoinks! Let me backtrack on my earlier comment and say that while your blog has become syrupy it is still nice to imagine you in Iowa with a cob of corn in one hand, pecking at a typewriter with the other.

Sara said...

Sadly, corn is out of season right now - but we did have corn (off the cob) with dinner last night. I am trying to peck away at the keyboard, but my procrastinatory tendencies are proving difficult to suppress :(

Mike said...

I need to start copying your blog. I'm running out of ideas.