Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Marina sucks, but at least its not LA

On the shuttle northbound on the 101 about to go apeshit and bark (bark like a dog, kind of a DMX type of thing) at the very undeserving people sitting around me. I am on a shuttle which stops at civic center, then Sacramento and Gough and then Cow Hollow. For those of you who don't know, Cow Hollow basically means Marina which basically means pretentious. My unnatural and unhealthy obsession with distrusting all things associated with the Marina has few exceptions. One is Chrissy Field, which if we are splitting hairs could be associated with the Presidio, the other is Judy's Cafe (oh wait, I don't go there anymore because their service sucks and the crowd is overwhelmingly full of buttholes), so officially I am over the Marina. I have had this discussion with other San Francisco residents and they point to the fact that the Marina contains very few people who are non-white. This is kind of true, but the whiteness of the Marina is less obnoxious to me than the "who the F are you" looks I get when I am dressed like a homeless person on the weekend (mind you I am likely rocking a crispy new era cap, but still, the bumminess is hard to ignore). Yargh!
OK, that's enough of that.
Kia and I are headed to look at an apartment which is showing. On the way out of the office Evan said that I shouldn't move to the Richmond because its basically the suburbs of San Francisco. This from a guy who lives in Cupertino.... Either way, looking for a little bigger spot so if people have leads let me know.
Lots of people are out on vacation next week. The reasons I heard were that it was around spring break. I don't know about that. Maybe all the people who are on vacation next week are actually meeting up in Cancun. I will keep an eye out for people in the background on the MTV spring break shows. Speaking of MTV, I have gotten busted numerous times over the last week or two at work for watching and keeping up with MTV and VH1 reality shows. I blame my wife very publicly for this, but I have to admit, I get sucked in pretty quickly. At least I don't watch Craig Ferguson - yeah I said it Sara - that guy stinks.
Feeling much more centered now. Keep it crackin'.

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