Monday, March 24, 2008

Dilla Interviews

I made some updates to the blog today. I was pretty jealous of Albert's image backed header until I found out that it was just a new feature of the Blogger customization modules. So I updated. I may play around with it so get pretty pumped for that. I threw in the widget so you can all keep up with my listening to's.
Work is busy but good. Highlights include my being last in the company NCAA tournament pool. I am losing to a team who made their picks based on ranking and then how "cool" the mascots are. Actually that team is first. Jesus.
So, I am going to post a couple more of the Dilla interviews because they are awesome. The first one features J-Rocc talking about how awesome it is to have cassettes. The second one is about the Ruff Draft album. Its pretty cool to hear what the musicians have to say about the album. Rhettmatic is in there. I included a picture of Rhettmatic and my boy Mike that I took a couple years ago on my camera phone. Actually the show I took this at was a Dilla tribute. See? Full circle.

Throw your dubs up.

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