Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clack Clack Clack!

What a day. A long day at work today, started at 8 ended at 5:30, I guess that's not so bad really, but I was only in SF last night for 9 hours after getting back to the city at 9pm. Fine, I will stop bitching. Riding the shuttle towards San Francisco right now watching an idiot hold one hand with a cigarette out of the window while talking on the phone with her other hand driving 70 miles an hour through traffic. At least she's not reading. From the elevated vantage point of the shuttle seat you can see all sorts of idiot behavior. Reading is by far the worst violation.
Today probably felt long because of the volume of meetings. All day in fact. By the end of the day I was babbling incoherently. That said, I felt like I had some meaningful discussions, so it was useful in that sense.
Lots kind of going on right now. My three year anniversary at el Goog is coming up in a few days, which is weird. Two days before that is the 10 year, yes, 10 year anniversary of Kia and I dating. We have been thinking about something epic to do... more to come, perhaps.
I started an account on last.fm which has been pretty interesting to play with. Limited information there so far, but I am interested to see what comes of it. Maybe I will embed my playlist on the blog, maybe not. Check out my profile here.
Laundry tonight. Partaaay. OK hopping off the shuttle, that was a fast commute.

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