Thursday, March 06, 2008

'Tis the Luck of the Irish

Alright, doing the Dublin post. Seth said that I wasn't going to post on the topics that I listed. I'm not sure why he said that, perhaps because he is excited to read what I have to say on ODB. I spent some time on youtube this morning doing some ODB searches and was catching up on some Yo MTV Rap hey day videos. Man, Ed Lover in a Starter cap brings me back!
OK, some photos from my trip:

This is like the Guinness brewery or something in Dublin. j/k

Mo' Dublin.

Random church in Howth - outside of Dublin. Took the DART out there on a Saturday. DART = fake BART.

Random castle, everyone lived in a castle, it was like Shrek. There is a friendly leprechaun waving in the photo, I chased him but couldn't catch him. He was wiley.

Castle + fence = awesome photo.

Howth was on the coast.


Good times were had. I didn't take the standard photo of the Guinness because that would have been silly and I forgot, mostly because its silly.
Things are good in the bay. Yesterday was pop's birthday, happy birthday dad! Try not to get too crazy with the birthday cake.
Hope things are kosher with everybody.

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robert said...

The real question about Ireland is whether those people really speak with an accent, or whether that's all a show for tourists. I'm guessing that, like the mechanical sheep in the painted astro-turf fields, that at this point, it's pretty much just Disneyland. Guinness used to be a beer, but now I have the impression it's a brand, a little like Patagonia used to be an outdoor products company, and now it's a lifestyle. I know absolutely nothing about Ireland, except that there used to be great poets.