Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Penelope Pit Stop, You Can't Duplicate the Picture, Or Record This Hip Hop!

Hurtling towards San Francisco at this point. Came in early today. Actually, came in early twice in a row, unnecessarily, I managed to screw up my schedule yesterday and headed in for an 8am meeting which was moved to today. Sweet.
Today was legitimate, busy, hot, but relatively productive and mildly entertaining. There was a bbq at work which meant long lines in the heat but also brisket and pulled pork mmmmmmm. They even had corn bread, damn, it was tasty too.
Went to the Oakland Zoo yesterday as a part of a community service day out at work. It was hot as hell which is my least favorite environment to do manual labor. Actually, no, the worst is chipping dog pee off of dog houses in Nome, Alaska in the middle of the winter. The only reason this is worse is because the dog pee chips are frozen and subsequently fly everywhere, including your face which happens to be one of the only parts of your body warm enough to melt the dog pee chips. Ah Alaska, its a magical land. Anyway, the zoo was pretty cool, we got to roam around a bit in restricted areas which was interesting and I developed a fairly serious (and likely healthy) fear of elephants based on the comment: "This is the one that will kill all of you given the opportunity" from the zoo keeper pointing at the elephant pushing its head through a couple of (what appeared to be) highly stressed metal cables. Yikes.
It was 93 degrees in Mountain View when we left there about 45 minutes ago at roughly 5pm. It says its 84 in San Francisco, but it tends to cool down a bit by the time I hop off the shuttle. We will see.
My battery is about to die. I am getting pretty pumped for Pineapple Express which is coming out in August. I think it could be great. It could also be painfully horrible so I am trying to not get overly hopeful. I have posted the video previously, but why should you have to dig through my archives to find it if you are a new reader (or just a lazy person who likes this trailer)?

I guess you could have gone to youtube like I just did to pull this down. Whatever, now you don't have to - you're welcome.
Oh, sports notes, Celtics won - it was anti-climactic but better than the Lakers winning anyway. Lincecum beat Verlander the other day and Zito got slammed last night, surprise surprise. Jesus, that guy is a train wreck at this point. My hope is that the Giants can hold their record near .500 before the trade deadline and then scoop up some bats. Don't bet on it.

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robert said...

For those of you who want the real story on "Ah, Alaska," and don't want to rely on completely implausible myths about frozen dog pee on houses (!) here is the real deal:
Planes have been intermittent these last few days. Alaska Airlines missed ten flights in a row due to fog this week. Three plus days, for those of you counting. The benefits of the fog are, of course, numerous, though arcane. 1.) No one has to worry about eating their vegetables. 2.) No one has to worry about those pesky credit card bills arriving in the mail. 3.) Those irritating eye infections from the decomposed dog feces blowing through the air this time of year? No way in this humidity dude.
So let's not get all knotted up about the Alaskan legend about the dog pee. Matthew is just trying to trade on an Alaskan mystique that is about as realistic as Robert Service. Since when do dogs pee in the winter anyway?