Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ben Davis, Cognac in My Cup

About to get to the city. The commute has been taken up with mostly doing data analysis. I actually kind of enjoy doing the analysis but sifting through data on multiple tabs of excel is a challenge for me. I need to figure out better ways to organize my data.
I got a couple comments today at work regarding the tone of my blog. Mostly from Dougherty and Nelson who I kind of view as
a. looking kind of similar
and b. being overly sensitive about my blog rants
I do want to point out that I am a fan of the internship program in general and I have met some very astute, self-conscious interns in my day. Just not this morning.
I added a disclaimer to my blog which should absolve my employer from any potential outfall from the wildly stupid things that I post about.
Made some potato salad a couple nights ago to eat with the bbq chicken I made. I made a ton of the potato salad and we are working our way through it. I bought some $10 brownie mix last night and made some brownies. I was hesitant to buy the mix but also intrigued based on the price. Is $10 brownie mix worth the money? Yes, yes it is.
Still need to watch The Bucket List, maybe tonight. I also need to get another hoodie or two because my brown one isn't coordinating well with all of my outfits.
Oh yeah, getting crazy.


robert said...

Life should be so simple that a disclaimer would do the trick. I have already received a couple of inquiries asking whether our office will take on "whoever that nitwit is" posting at Because I am Just That Important. I have been trying to keep the wolves from your door, but it would help if the co-founders would pony up a little cash to defray costs. I'm not as expensive as a trip into outer space. And I guarantee that I will stop taking any further e-mails about the blog.
Dour Yad.

Matthew Lewis said...

Dad, you are a pretty funny dude.
Update - (half) watched The Bucket List and it (completely) sucked. Taking recommendations on what to tell my cat-lady neighbor which will a. keep her from giving me more movies to watch and b. not make her furiously angry to the point that she would have her army of stray cats descend on me....

dan said...

just tell her you weren't a fan. and that you'll cut her if she gives you any more movies.

robert said...

Geez. More GTAIV-type comments. This is not WWNBD, this is a neighbor with kitties. Why not just tell her you'll use a rocket launcher on her apartment while you're at it? I'm never leaving AK.