Friday, June 13, 2008

Fist'll Do Little, You Tickle, You Typical

Man, traffic sucks. Friday night. Maybe we can make a rule that you can't drive into San Francisco until after 7pm on Fridays unless you live there. We could set up a checkpoint and all the breeders in the South bay can have some margaritas (and endless chips and salsa) at Chevy's while they wait for the freeway to open up to them.
Have I mentioned lately how much I like Casual from Hieroglyphics? Let me reiterate, dude is sick. I got the Truck Driver album recently and its ape shit. The album was apparently originally released only on the web (according to wikipedia) but I scooped it up at Amoeba. I wasn't a big Fear Itself fan when that came out waaay back when but Casual kills it. I should give that album another couple go-arounds.
Oh and while we are on the subject of hip hop albums that are on rotation on the ipod lets give a shout out to RA the Rugged Man who is bad as hell and follows my favorite rapper genre of self-deprication (why I can't get enough of Sean P.). If you are at all interested RA's wikipedia entry is a damn good read. RA has the multisyllabic style down pat and it reminds me a ton of Big Pun.
The week is over and that's about all I have to say about that. Work kicked my ass this week... but I've got get-back.
Weekend plans are limited at this point. Hopefully I can get a little extra sleep the next couple days and bang out this cold. Man party on Sunday. There was some talk of buying my boy Kev some manties but its going to take more nerve than I have to walk into a room full of dudes I kind of half know with some questionable drawers.
Oh yeah, it appears my previous mid-game blog post about the Celtics/Lakers game had a tone of impending doom which was apparently unwarranted. I managed to not watch the game though because of the 24 point score spread in the second quarter - uh oops. Going to save my comments on the Lakers at this point but the article I was reading on was calling out the fans at the Staples Center for not rallying for the team. Dan pointed out that Bill Simmons is from Boston which is fair but come on, 40k for floor seats? Those aren't your "I am going to drink uncontrollably and scream at KG until I lose my voice" fans. Those are your "I am here because I want to sit next to Justin Timberlake" fans.
OK, riding through the city on my way to Carl and Cole.
Holla atcha frog.

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Sara said...

come on, you know you wanna move to the peninsula.

save the date for august 4th -- kia can drive the barren southbound roads from sf to the lovely peninsula and the two of you can come to an olympics opening ceremony party replete with five kinds of cake and a variety of brightly-colored mixed drinks! oh, and we should have lunch.