Monday, June 23, 2008

We Comrades, and That's 'Til The End

Rolling past San Bruno right now. As the shuttle was driving past Monster Park the smell of fire wildfires was amazingly strong. Did a quick news search and it turns out that there are some grass fires burning and encroaching on South San Francisco. Tried to get a look at them from the bus but the mountains are pretty fogged in at this point. I suppose that should help with the firefighting.
On a related note, while I was craning my neck to look at the fire I managed to induce some uncomfortable shifts in my neighbors. I need a haircut and a beard trim, I am looking a little too much like someone who just crawled out from underneath a lean-to after three months of evading the police. Actually, screw it.
The workweek is going to be relatively ape shit.
The weekend was good. Relatively low key. Watched some The Wire, finished season two which I thought was pretty bad ass. Still haven't watched The Bucket List which my elderly cat lady neighbor forcibly lent me. I'm thinking about watching it in fast-forward. I wish my DVD player had that feature where it plays it at like 1.5-2x and speeds up the voices. Actually, maybe the PS3 does. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Jack Nicholson: "We're old, and going to die, lets do some wacky stuff."
Morgan Freeman: "Oh (Jack Nicholson character), you are too crazy, but OK this is going to be a wild romp!"

Above dialog would be better in a chipmunk voice.
Went out for dinner on Saturday for the anniversary. Went to Pacific Cafe because its good and because it doesn't require reservations. I have probably blogged about Pacific Cafe before, but it is worth mentioning again. Besides having some of the best seafood anywhere, their wait policy is awesome. First come, first serve, put your name on the list and wait for your bottomless glass of wine to arrive. We showed up at 8:30pm were like 10th on the list and drank wine for 40 min on the house while we waited for our seat.
Finished GTAIV yesterday afternoon. The story ending was pretty good, overall the game is pretty well done in my opinion. I still need to go back and play the side missions and games and I still haven't gotten the online play thing going.
OK, hopping off the shuttle.

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robert said...

It's the end of the world as we know it. Life During Wartime. Revolution Number Nine. White Riot. Will the Wolf Survive? Pennies from Heaven. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. What's Going On?