Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get Bruised 'Til You're The Color Of The Lakers Logo

Lakers are up 28-12 right now over the Celtics. Ugh.
My cold keeps lingering though the symptoms through the day have subsided and I am primarily dealing with coughing up nastiness and dealing with a sore throat in the mornings and evenings. It should be whipped into shape by this weekend. Hopefully, it will be wiped by Sunday so I can go to my boy Kevin's man-shower. It was supposed to be last Sunday, but on Saturday his bride-to-be had a bridal shower which (prior to leaving for the bar) managed to set the porch on fire. Apparently women can come to the man-shower but have to wear mustaches. Hot.
Started the second season of The Wire and so far I have watched two episodes. Its not as engaging as the first season but I will give it another few episodes before I start bitching incessantly. I just got the first season of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which in my opinion is one of the funniest tv shows I have watched in a long time. Its up there with Arrested Development and 30 Rock.
Its definitely summer around here. The weather in the south bay has been unpleasantly warm. I am not built for it.
About to hop off the shuttle. Apparently the old lady in our building dropped off a copy of The Bucket List to Kia a few minutes ago. She is a nice lady but I'm not really trying to watch that movie....
Oh and the Lakers are now up 45-21. Jesus.
Grind hard.


Matt Dougherty said...

30 Rock isn't funny. And don't waste your time on the Bucket List. I think I saw it on a plane, it was lame.

Matthew Lewis said...

Wrong. 30 Rock is funny. Its very funny though I will admit that I haven't watched the new season so the show could have fallen off, but I doubt it.