Friday, June 20, 2008

Nowadays I Don't Do It For The Mics 'Cause They Pay For Them Things

Week done. It was a bit of a struggle I am afraid. I found myself in the last meeting of the week daydreaming and not paying attention. If you work with me, do yourself a favor and don't schedule a meeting with me after 3:30 on a Friday because I am not paying attention.
Wedding anniversary this weekend. Saturday June 21st to be specific. 7 years of marriage. One of my coworkers said "good job" when I told her earlier today that my 7th anniversary was upcoming. Good job, not particularly romantic or sentimental but perhaps a reasonable way to congratulate such a milestone. I feel pretty damned lucky to be married so long to Kia. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am quite the catch, but those who know me best will know that my wife has to have the patience of a saint to put up with me on the daily. Maybe a hike tomorrow and some a movie and some dinner after. We will see what we are in the mood for.
We've been watching The Wire Season 2 recently and while people I have talked to complain that this particular season of The Wire is relatively slow, I have been enjoying it. There are a couple of characters that I can't get enough of, Bunk and Omar, man, those guys are well written. Omar just got done with the his testimony in Wee-Bey's trial, that was sick.
Traffic up the 101 right now is painful. Fridays are the worst.
Got to commute with the Marbin clan. The highlights of the car ride to Mountain View included my admission that I have a baby-like whine as I fall asleep and Marbin telling me the story of his daughter's Exxon/Mobil onesy.
So it turns out that this is my 100th published blog post. 100 posts. I can't help but feel that my time could have been better spent. That said, more recently my blog posts have been generated during my commute which means I could have been working, sleeping, playing psp or struggling through some YouTube videos on the slow shuttle connection. Sara just blogged that she has reached her 1000th post on her blog.
Dave just called and said that there is a Blackstar reunion concert at the Mezzanine tomorrow evening. May or may not go but good looking out on the heads up Dave.
The lady across from me on the shuttle is doing a video chat on her mac and without audio she is mostly making thumbs up at the person on the other end. She is pretty enthusiastic about it though, good for her.
Just passed Civic Center on the way to Sac and Gough. City is hopping, looks like there is a symphony performance or something tonight.
Go stupid this weekend.


Sara said...

Happy anniversary! My day planner says that the appropriate gifts for a seventh anniversary are 'wool, copper, or desk sets.' I have none of those things to give you, so you'll have to settle for a blog comment and a promise to take you out for the finest Lunchbox sandwich in the near future.

robert said...

Practice pointer from someone who knows: do not go with the desk set. I went with copper. Kia, on the other hand is fabric-y. Keep this in mind.
Longest day of the year, and we are having the solstice folk fest. The Stairwell Sisters are in town as the headliner (from The City). They ain't no hip-hop band.
I have reached the chapter, Wandering Rocks, and am awash in the Dublin streets.

Matt Dougherty said...

Congratulations to Kia. She really deserves a medal.

Allan said...

Happy anniversary!
Have you watched Kong Fu Panda?

Nathan Johns said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. I got stupid this weekend, just like you said.

Matthew Lewis said...

Haven't seen Kung Fu Panda yet, though I want to. Kia is pushing to see it. Personally, I want to see Hellboy II....