Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Heat Be In It, You Need A Key To Get In It

Headed back to the city. The weather has been typical of San Francisco summers the last few days in that as soon as you get to the airport headed north on the 101 the fog banks are pretty heavy the rest of the way to the city. Its probably pretty nice in the city during the day but as soon as the early evening rolls around it just clouds over. Whatever, I kind of prefer the cold anyway.
The day was taken up with mostly a legal training for managers which was uncharacteristically entertaining. I had gone through a similar training a couple years ago and it was the same teacher, the same stories I have to admit, it was almost as good the second time around.
Weekend is fast approaching. I was talking with Allan about watching the US vs. China basketball on Sunday down in Mountain View and while I thought that meant I would have to get up at 5:30 to be down in the South Bay by the 7:15am tip it turns out they are airing the game at 10am on NBC so I will just not listen to the radio/go online in the morning before heading down to watch.
Speaking of the Olympics Friday is Sara's Olympics opening ceremony party which I have heard explained as an excuse for Sara to cook all of the food she likes prior to the Olympics so that have leftovers ready for the coming few days so that she can focus her energy 100% on watching gymnastics etc. I am pretty excited about the party and the fact that Sara is living in the city now and we can be proper friends.
Watched Gone Baby Gone last night with the wifey. I am pretty sure I liked it more than she did. The story was pretty depressing and I am not a good job of managing the Netflix queue to ensure a good balance of happy-go-lucky movies and depressing movies. Its been heavily weighted towards the depressing dramas - which I tend to naturally gravitate towards.
So between (or I should say instead of) clearing out my inbox on the commute home I have been watching George Lopez videos on Youtube. The best of which have been the sections of his HBO special which are chunked out. If you don't know about George Lopez, or you think you know about George Lopez from his tv show, you need to watch these. To me, this is one of the funniest guys out there. He has an uncanny ability to be both self-deprecating and cocky simultaneously. Plus, he is funny as shit. Here are the first couple.

The rest are on Youtube, just click in and they should be linked in the related videos section. Seriously, take 15 minutes and watch.
OK about to get off the shuttle. Get that guac.

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Sara said...

Not only is it a chance for me to stock up on snacky snacks before the sporting events start in earnest, but it's also my way of packing in ample socializing at the very beginning so that I can lock myself away and avoid people who might tell me the results of events before they happen. When I finally emerge at the end of August, I will be euphoric from the Olympics, but also desperate for friends and for some food other than cake. It's a good thing this only happens every two years.