Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Pro-Zapatista, Pro-Cuba, Viva! Pro-La Raza Saying Fuck La Migra

Things have been pretty ape.  The shuttle has been a little wacky lately - they have been using smaller buses the last couple days - I blame Sara.  Thanks for ruining my commute Sara.
Work has been busy this week despite my manager being out of town and I have managed to not get a ton of sleep.
Fantasy baseball is winding down and I am finishing the season pretty strong.  In first place by 4.5 games in the last week of the season.  Playoffs start next week.  Trying to sweep that junk.
Been watching Coup videos on the way home.  If you aren't familiar with The Coup, don't feel bad, actually, scratch that - feel bad, real bad.  The Coup is Filthy McNasty.  Here is some evidence.  

Classic joint. Real old school West Coast beat - Shalbs, I'm talking to you - and some punchy lyrics.

Bad ass beat, Boots kills this one and shit, the video is just sick.

The first YouTube comment says "this song makes me want to dance AND punch a cop in the face. love this shit.". Enough said.

Last one. Bouncy beat and relatively low budget but high impact animations.

See, now you know.
Going to the 9ers game on Friday with Allan (Mountain) Du. Trying that nickname on for size. I tried it in China but it just confused everyone. Got some pretty decent tickets on Stub Hub - we will see how that works out.
Been reading the Watchmen graphic novel on the bus and in the evenings before bed. I have to say, I am pretty obsessed with it. Its really well written and the art, while not particularly edgy, is sort of understated and awesome.
OK, in the city. Grind hard.


nelson said...

you're only in first place because of a faulty scoring system. i emailed yahoo about it:

me: it's messed up
yahoo: why is it messed up?
me: it's utterly messed up.

robert said...

Nelson's hip-hop flow is pretty good. Except there should be a couple "yo's" inserted here and there:

"Me: Yo, smestup.
Yahoo: Yzit mestup?
Me: Smestup, yo.
Utterly so, Missy Yahoo ho.
Mest my fantasy flow.
Yahoo: Ain mestup.
You got no pro's.
You got no bro's.
You got rows and rows of slows in The Show.
Mestup yo."
(repeat endlessly)

Matthew Lewis said...

Nelson - Yahoo! (and apparently my dad) are correct in pointing out that it isn't messed up. It was an NL only league and Mark Teixeira and Jason Bay were traded to the AL - aka "Tough Noogies".
Dad - not bad.

Jason said...

Dad's talent is sadly wasted in Nome AK...

robert said...

"Tough Noogies."
This is a Pro-Zapatista?
This is fuck La Migra?
Maybe you meant fuck the migraine. With your tough noogies.
I realize that we've all slowed down a little in our advancing years, but noogies are from fuddy-duddy land.
Now tough "apples," that's assertive, or maybe tough "darts." You could conceivably ratchet up to tough "tiddlywinks." If you were working for a cutting edge/retro/Ned Flanders kind of vibe. Ditch "Noogies." Go with "tiddlywinks."
Maybe we could start a fantasy language league. First dibs on "cretin."